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Art Of The Day: Alone

181 - alone

The world on her shoulders...

Artwork was created by Polyvore's digital artist Tyebluer (username). The Lover of Arts has over +80k set views, +13k likes, and over 700 followers on

My Interpretation: I love the artistic look. It's beautifully crafted to perfection. So, I will say maybe that's what the artist intended for it to be. The Artist wants you to admire the beauty. Simple yet complexity of each line. It's a detailed piece.

How would you interpret this?

*To view more Artwork and designs Tyebluer: go HERE

Style Diary: Miranda Kerr

Celebrity Street Style - Miranda Kerr

Meet Miranda Kerr. I love her style. She has a casual but stylish look that's easy for women to copy.

Morning Coffee Quotes #04


There are days when I feel like giving up but then I look back on how far I've come on my journey. On my stressful days, I like to unwind by taking a nap, watching a movie, or listening to music. Sometimes I take a few days off from blogging. Sometimes I write personal post on my other blog when I feel like venting. The truth is everyone one needs a rest day. So......

Take a Break!


What's Trending Now?! Ankle Boots


Hey! I'm always searching for styles, trends, runway looks and all things new in general. However, lately I've been contemplating on a quote I read:

Don't be into trends. Don't make fashion own you--- Gianni Versace

Art Of The Day: Saving Happiness

Saving Happiness

Artwork was created by Polyvore's digital artist BB Tar (username). The artist from Singapore has over +20k set views, +2k likes, and over 200 followers on

My Interpretation: Like always, I prefer my art to be abstract with a deeper meaning. A creative meaning. What did the artist mean when she named it Saving Happiness? Why does happiness need to be saved? I really don't know. LOL. And the Artist didn't tell me her secrets. So I'll say this, This piece reminds me of how complex our minds are. We think about 'what if and what might happen,' that we forget how to live and Just be.... Why is it so hard to just let it be?

How would you interpret this?

*To view more Artwork and designs BB Tar: go HERE

4 Stylish Fall Looks for Every Type of Woman

Are you a Fashionista who's always searching for the next big trend? Are you a sassy curvy girl looking for the perfect fit? Do you prefer your style to be as minimal as possible? Are you the daytime office diva? Or do you like your style to be laid-back yet stylish?

Here are 4 stylish Fall Outfits Ideas (straight off the runway) for Every type of woman:


Art Of The Day: Pink Jungle

184 - always lurking

Can you 'make it' in a big city...

Artwork was created by Polyvore's digital artist Tyebluer (username). The Arts Lover has over +80k set views, +13k likes, and over 700 followers on

My Interpretation: Immediately, I think of people surviving a high pace city life. Street lights, strangers and loud sounds fill the air. Only the strongest will survive. Only the ones who know how to maneuver and manipulate can get ahead. Are you a Hustler? Are you cut-throat? Do you have natural talent to beat your competition. Everyone is in competition! And you would be a fool to deny that. How would you survive the concrete jungle of the big bad city? Did you notice the tiger?!  

How would you interpret this?

*To view more Artwork and designs by Tyebluer: go HERE

Top Picks: NYFW '17 Runway Highlights

When it comes to fashion I prefer to show Practical Looks on my blog. My motto is "If I don't like it, I'm not posting it!" Period. Sometimes I get caught up in 'trends and labels' that I ignore fashion question number one: Does it look good on me?!

Other questions I ask myself: Do I feel good wearing this?! Would I wear this in public?!

With that said, My favorite collection from NYFW '17 was The Brock Collection/Spring 2018. Hands down, the collection reminded me of how I want to spend my spring and summer. Reading love novels by the coastal shore line on a warm breezy day...

Here are a few of my favorite Spring/Summer 2018 Runway looks from New York Fashion Week 2017. Enjoy!

Tom Ford ss 2018

This collection is so New York City. Bomber Jackets, Bodysuits, Blazers with shoulder pads and boho bags. Unapologetic!

Morning Coffee Quotes #03

Untitled #33

It will be. You have to trust and believe everything will work out for the best.

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