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These 3 Trends Will Be Big This Year

Fashion Trends

Or so we hope...

When it comes to fashion predictions, its all about wearing the exact opposite of what was in style the year before. So, if you loved the checkered trend, well,  by fall 2018 the fashion world (and you) will absolutely hate it!  Last year was all about rose gold everythang, shades of pink and bomber jackets. This year, however, rose gold will still be trending along with 90's style chokers. Bonus: Watch for boyfriend jeans to make a huge comeback, as well.

2018 Biggest Jewelry Trend Predictions

Jewelry Trends of 2018

Most looks aren't complete without a piece of jewelry. Most looks-- not all! :-) I know for me, I can't leave my house unless I have on pair of earrings, even if it's only a pair of studs. On those forgetful days, I usually feel "naked" and fashionably annoyed. ha! For others who feel as I do, it's a bracelet, rings or a necklace. So, this post is for all fashion girls who love to complete their looks with a little bling!

Some of the biggest Jewelry trends we saw in 2017 will continue into 2018 like chokers and hoop earrings but what about the new accessories. What will be the new 'break out'  jewelry trends in 2018?  

Art Of The Day: New Age Soldier

I’m A Soldier

First Impression: Visually Stunning! I love the futuristic vibe to this piece. I love the white background next to a metallic outfit on the woman....or is it a robotic woman? ha! Who knows, for sure! The head piece or helmet is something I can see nn future runways shows in Milan.

About the Artist: Artwork was created by Polyvore's digital artist Samantha/ s246 (username). The Entertainment Editor artist has over +100k set views and over +1k followers on

Interpretation: Just as the title says, it's a  'New Age Soldier.' Bold prediction but I wouldn't be surprise if women become the new face of what it means to be a soldier! Real women wearing metallic protective gear in the future. I feel a since of detachment, a coldness. A dystopic future, I fear. Is this the future we are aspiring towards? The question is: Do you want to see a future when women or robotic-like women wear outfits like this? Would you wear this?

I'm interested in your thoughts? So, tell me what do you think?

The Easiest Way To Style a Statement Coat

Bold, Vivid and Daring. Statement coats stand out! Especially in the winter! Well, that's a no brainer but did you know that you can rock a eye-catching coat with a simple pair of jeans and tee....and still look chic. It's all in the details. Or lack of Details. Keeping it simple has never been a truer statement, until now.

How to Style:  1. Search for a unique winter coat you absolutely love. The Bolder the better. 2.Wear a Basic white or black top.  3. Wear a pair of denim jeans/pants --blue, white or black. 4. Complete your look with a black pump/shoe.

Check out easy to style looks below for inspiration! 

Warm & cozy

Morning Coffee Quotes & Notes #13

Quote Of The Day

So much can happen in a week! It's not a new concept or revelation...but sometimes I'm just amazed. Have you ever stop and said, "D*mn, I did a lot this week!" My week consisted of social media fails to 'Bomb Cyclones.' whattttt? lol. Or should I say a fake Bomb Cyclone...Washington, DC only received an inch of snow. Yay us! It totally missed us, though. And who decided to name a snow current a Bomb Cyclone? ...seriously... I wasn't sure if I needed a shovel or a place to hide?!...or both! It was all confusing....


Speaking of confusing! Did you noticed the red Pinterest share button on my homepage? Yes! It's hideous! I hate it. I added the pin it button on all my images and the code change my Pinterest share button. Now, I'm looking for a way to hide ALL my share buttons on the homepage only. UGH. lol. A few months ago, I hid my comments due to Disqus failing to generate my comment count. Which turned into me focusing on social media and building a following there. So Follow me there @revealedbylena <---shameless plug!

Social Media.

Speaking of Plugs. I'm branching out to twitter...but is twitter dead? Do people still tweet? I mean, well, besides He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. ha! I have to say that " " because Blogger doesn't allow me to type and then Publish his name on my blog. Crazy, right? and I'm from America, so idk. Nor can I type the name of the Asian Leader from the North. lol!  OMG. I've lost track of my point. TWITTER--I'm on it, now...but not as present as I am on Instagram. whew! I like retweeting on twitter so if you like to see what I like to read then follow me there  @lenarevealed  

Quote: What Is Done In Love Is Done Well


Not to sound vague but: Have you ever wanted something so bad but when the opportunity presented itself, you suddenly realize it's not what you need right now? Well, I had that moment, recently. And now my whole perspective has changed. In a good way. I'm no longer hoping and wishing. I'm going with the flow and redirecting my energy towards things that matter. I'm not the go with the flow type, either! I find safety in knowing what will happen next. However, when the Universe gives you a much needed sign.....Hunni! Pay attention! :)

Have a Good Week and See you on the 'gram! *nudge, nudge--wink, wink* Lol.

PS: This post is unscripted and unedited. aka. It's real af !

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Lena Revealed.
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A Fashionistas Guide to Choosing The Best Clutch

Clutches: 2018 Biggest Bag Trend

Clutches are this seasons new "it" trend. During Fall's 2017-2018 Fashion Week we saw designers revolutionizing the concept of a traditional clutch. A typical traditional clutch would be considered a handheld bag--without a strap or handle (as seen above). However, today we're ignoring tradition and focusing on a new era. Clutches with a strap! But, wait a minute, before drool over the latest clutches, let's find out why you should invest in one.

The One Winter Essential Every Girl Needs

Happy Friday! The first week back from vacation is always the hardest. We have to reset our minds back to worker bee mode, after indulging in family, food and fun. The reset usually occurs within a short period of time, leaving us just one day (Sunday!), before we are back to grinding. Right after New Years Day, I'm already thinking about the weekend ahead. I'm thinking about what to eat, what to watch on Netflix and what to wear. All I want to do is lounge and rest. Hoodies are my go-to item on lazy days/weekends. It's comfy, warm and versatile. You can wear them around the house for to a quick trip to the store. It's the perfect cozy winter look.

On the blog. Fri

Winter Chic: 3 Back To Work Outfits

winter chic

It's always hard for me to enjoy the last few days of the holiday due to the impending deadline aka work. J-O-B. For some of you it's college and midterms. For Bloggers it's creating content and marketing your brand. And although most of us would prefer to be travelling, eating at the coolest resturants and/or lounging in bed we all have work to do. I like to call it the back to work blues. ha! Yet, supporting ourselves doesn't have to be dreadful. We can be fancy if we want too. Stylish and Chic. And ready to take on the world with our looks!

Morning Coffee Quotes & Notes #12

Coffee & Notes 12

It's been a while since I've posted a Morning Coffee Quote & Note....and as you can see, I purposely forgot the quote. lol. Happy New Year! It's 2018 That's what the balloons are for...a celebration into the new year. Which doesn't make sense with the title but by the end of this post everything will make sense. I think. *laughs*


Blogging is a full time job. What an over-rated statement!  Especially, if you're the creator, editor-in-chief, the manager, the assistant, the employee of the month and that lazy co-worker who waits until the last minute to get things done. I am ALL of these things! ha! I've been blogging for 6 months now (well, seven if you count this month) and I am amazed at anyone whose blogged for longer than year. It's so much more to blogging than just writing content. It's levels to this ish! lol. One successful blogger said, she has a planner and a team.  uhhh, yea! You need a team. I mean, if you're super organize with endless amounts of creative ideas then maybe you don't need a team. BUT for the rest of us lazy co-workers we need support. Which ironically, brings me to today's quote....

Quote: The Key to Life is Balance. 

I'm not sure who said this but something tells me it was a monk who lives in serene place with mountains. Meditating, of course! ....We should all be Feminist Monks!

Social Media

What can I say, Instagram drives me insane....BUT I found my posting 'rhythm' (if that's a thang) and now I post what I like to see verses what people would like to see. I've gained 10 followers using this method! hahaha! Hashtag Jokes on me! I now post Insta-stories. I'm on a posting a schedule and I 'heart' all of my blogger friends post too. I've turned IG into a game that I have to win. Sad, really. Yet, it's sorta the point if you're a blogger, artist, author, musician, etc. We need social media to get our content out there. So, IG doesn't stress me out but if I tell myself these things then it's easier for me to look at the bigger picture. I know, I know, All things come in due time....but d*nm! It's harder than it looks. Question: Is social media more important than blogging? Maybe, I'll talk about that soon.

Love & Life

On a lighter note, spending time with family and friends, over the holidays, turned out to be what I needed to feel like me again. Admittedly, I slummed it all through December just so I can have me time. I ignored a lot of responsibilities but one thing I made time for was the grocery store. LOL. Yes, Dairy Section Bae. *laughs* I gave him a label....kinda like Mr. Big on Sex in the City. ha! If you haven't read my other Coffee Quotes & Notes, I'll leave a link at the bottom, so you can play catch up! Guess what?! I saw him at the grocery store, near the freakin' dairy section (again!) and we made eye contact! [Side Note: This crush has literally turned me into a high school student! You've been warned!] Anyway, I decided it was time for me to put my big girl granny panties on (lol) and seize the day! So I smiled and said, "Hiiuuuuuhhhh" Which really means: Hi and Huh ! Which really sounds like whales talking to each other. You see, while I was smiling my goofy looking smile, he was saying something but my inner High School student ears barely made out what he said b/c I was so focused on his looks. *sigh* Turns out, he was speaking to one of the grocery store employees, behind me! UGHHHH! I just kept walking. Oh, and I forgot my Milk, btw! So yea, mission failed. But I digress.

Anyway, Happy New Year and Hiiuuuuuuhhhh to you and yours!

PS: At this point, editing a post is a luxury. lol.

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