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Coffee Quotes & Notes #20: My Pictures Are Gone

There's an old saying that goes something like this: Nothing is for certain...all things change.

About the Blog

As you may have noticed,  99.8% of my photos are gone. Vanished. Disappeared. In the Upside Down place. What happened? I don't know. I'm currently trying to figure out what's up. My computer is fine. I'm the only one that uses it. So.... I don't know. Maybe I deleted something by accident? And if I did, then Oops! Jokes on me! lol. Do all new bloggers go through this?

Time to Refocus.

But as they say...every road block is an opportunity to try a different route. But to add insult to injury, lately, I've been rather disconnected to fashion and what it means to me. Do I live and breathe it? If I'm uncertain about it then surely, I need to rethink my course of action. Well, the past few weeks I thought about fashion....I wanted a sign from the fashion gods....I wanted a sign worthy of my attention. (I tend to ignore signs) And guess what happened....My pictures Vanished! Ha! How's that for a sign! Maybe fashion isn't for me....admittedly, I've found myself drawn to my unofficial blog. Diary of Lena Noir. The pictures are gone from my Diary, as well. The wonderful thing is I don't need pictures to get my point across on Lena Noir. However with fashion, you kind of need pictures to sell your story or...product.

What will Happen Next?

This week, I will try to figure out, how to add pictures or at least find free pictures. OR....I really don't know. As of now, the answers I need--I haven't found it yet. Or maybe I've found the answer and like a jilted ex-boyfriend, who's unaware that it's over--he desperately find ways to make things right again.

Is this the end of Lena Revealed? As of right now, I'm under construction until further notice.

I apologize in advance.

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13 Laidback Outfits for Fickle Spring Weather

Dear Weather, Will you be hot or cold today? Who knows! Mother nature loves to keep us guessing. One thing we do know --she's unpredictable. So instead of questioning her methods lets work with her. If she's feeling cool but decides to warm up later then opt for a denim jacket. If she's muggy in the morning but later cools down then wear wide-legged pants. If she's feeling sunny but later changes her mind to a mid-day thunder storm, then find your favorite pair of Mules...or bring an umbrella! ha! We have looks to weather any storm, cloud, rain, heat wave or a mini snow storm.

Let's check out some of my favorite laid back- fickle- spring-weather outfits!

Wardrobe Staple: Denim Jackets

Celebrity Style Update: Distressed Denim

Well, if you like it, then you should've put a rip in it! Cheesy--I know. Distressed jeans are taking ovahh Hollywood. It's not a new concept but it's definitely this Spring\Summer 'go-to' trend. The best part about this trend-- it's easy to do. Grab a pair of jeans, scissors, cut it and then throw them in the washer machine and Voila! If you're unsure where to cut your pair of denim jeans, just check out our featured celebrities for inspo. Bella Thorne, Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner are donning distressed denim . They're also pairing this look with a basic black top or jean jacket.

Check out each look and let me know which celebrity style is your favorite!
Bella Thorne not being afraid to wear colors!

April Fashion Horoscope Guide 2018: Spring Trend Edit

Look out! It's Aries Season! Welcome to another monthly edition of Fashion Horoscopes. If you're a horoscope-loving fashionista like me, you've come to the right place! Every month we curate the perfect style for your sign. Will Scorpios love our ruffled dresses? Will Taurus side eye our shades of pink blazers? It's written in the stars (and below, lol) so read on to find out!

How To Style the Polka Dot Trend

Polka Dot Season

This season's runway styles may be 2019's trendiest ready-to-wear look. Case in point: the polka dot resurgence! It made it's bold reappearance during Fashion Week 2017 and now, they're featured in spring collections by your favorite designers and influencers. From J. Lo to GiGi; celebs and fashion mavens have also gone dotty!  Want in on the fun? Check out  new twists on the old fave below:


A transitional winter to spring polka dot pull- over with a tapered pant is clutch this season.

143. PolkaDot Summer
I love statement pieces, and what says more than the ever-sophisticated blazer?

Miranda Kerr

Check out Miranda Kerr in her flirty polka dot dress, pair yours with a denim jacket and you're good to go!
Jimmy Choo Romy 100mm polka-dot pumps
 Subtlety is key, you can wear polka dots of various sizes as long as it is complemented with solid pieces like a jacket or pair of jeans (see above for inspo!). Layer a comfy polka dot knit with polka dot shoes and voila, you've successfully dabbled in dot!

Are you noticing a spike in the polka dot trend? Do you love it? Hate it? Share below!

*photo credit: | Look 1| 2| 3| 4
*Fashion post every Mon| Wed| Fri

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Get The Look For Less: Spring Must-Haves

I love a good deal! If I can find a inexpensive version of a runway look- then I'm all in. That's how budget fashionistas prefer to shop! Bonus: Go 'thrifting' at a thrift store (a good thrift store, people!) to find nice items at a discounted price. There are so many hidden gems that you can easily put a high fashion look together for less than $20. But you have to look and sift through everything! However, today it's all about Seasonal Must-Haves at our favorite and affordable stores like Zara and H&M.

Get It For Less: Spring Must-Haves

I'm loving sling backs this season. It's a 80's/90s trend with a modern update. I've seen celebrities and fashion influencers rocking this trend in every color. It's a must-have for this Spring and Summer.

Morning Coffee Quotes & Notes #19

Quote Of The Day

When we put expectations or ideals on how our lives "should" go, when it doesn't go as planned; we stress out! ...Or at least I do! ha! *shrugs*

About the Quote.

This quote spoke to me in ways unimaginable. As Oprah would say, I had an 'aha moment!' And I did. I immediately resonated with it. I even mumbled ummmmmhmmmm. lol. There are times when I would much rather be on a beach at a exclusive resort drinking Pina Coladas. And I don't like Pina Coladas! But the idea of it sounds so much better than where I'm at. I can't get caught up in a fantasy while living in my reality. I have to face my reality. My reality is doing what I need to do; to make those dreams happen. It's stressful, though. You have to put in a lot of work to make those dreams happen.

The thing about stress and expectations is how easy it is for me to look at someone else's journey. If I see someone, on social media, living a lifestyle I want--I'm secretly jealous. Not in a "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha" type of way but in a 'if I keep looking at her photos, I'll turn a self-loathing stan!' lol.. And that's not who I am! So, I'm not sure if social media does more harm than good??? There's something odd about social media. You're connecting with people but in a shallow way. There's a brag-ga-docious vibe about it, that slightly irks me. It's a 'Look At What I'm Doing' feel to it. I might be over-thinking it....or not. But Is social media a little narcissistic? *shrugs*

Social Media

I have taken a tiny break from Instagram. I will resume, soon. As I said before, I found myself caught up in other people's lifestyle and I forgot about my own well-being. Crazy! So I decided to dial back and focus on what matters to me. Which is My Own Life. ha! And my blogs!

Have a Good Week, Marshaaaaaa! lol

PS: Yes, I definitely quoted The Brady Bunch! Your Welcome! And Stan means: Stalker-Fan

Coffee Quotes & Notes are unscripted and unedited!

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Trends We Love: Belted Blazers

While some of us, try to stay away from what's trending; its safe to say that belted blazers are this season (and seasons beyond) it-girl look. Belted blazers are chic, sophisticated and stylish. You can easily upgrade your look by adding a belt. Yes, a Belt! Everyone has a belt in there closet and if not.....well, go get one, now! Just kidding! Not really. ha! And while you're at it, search for the perfect blazer. Since it is pastel season, ladies, look for mint, pink and/or neutral colored blazer. These colors scream Spring and Summer. However, if you're not into lighter colors then opt for a traditional black blazer and throw a belt on it!

OOTD: What To Wear On Your First Date

Picture this: You have a few days (or hours) to figure out what to wear on your first date! Time is ticking and you still haven't put a look together! Wtf are you suppose to wear?! Did I mention, future Bae forgot to tell you what type of date it is?! Is it a Coffee date? A Movie Date? A dinner date?! It's a surprise, they say! grrr! But it's romantic and exciting, so you don't mind--For now! ha! Next, you rummage through your closet, looking for pieces to put together. Will this top match my favorite pair of shoes?! Should I wear jeans?! Hair up or down?! *screams* The struggle is real! No worries, we picked super cute looks you can find in your closet.

Check out First Date Outfits below!

Classy 11-3-2018

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