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Fashion Horoscope Style Guide, Nov. 2017: Coat Edition

fashion horoscope /coats

Happy Mid November! Okay, If you're like me, then you love to check your horoscope for the latest future update. It's fun to read,  interesting and the perfect time killah. Where else would you find information about which ice-cream shop to go, to meet your future soulmate? uhhh Horoscopes! lol.  So let's go down this rabbit hole and check out the which trendy coat each Zodiac sign should wear. Will Sassy Scorpio love the puffer coat look?  Or will Critical Virgo find our outerwear picks completely wrong? *smile*

**Oh and if you don't know your zodiac sign, just follow the picture guide above. Match your birthdate with the star sign beside it.  Example: If you're born on February 11th then you are an Aquarius. Is your birthdate May 20th? Then you're a Taurus.   

Keep scrolling to find your perfect Zodiac Sign outerwear style!

Celeb StreetStyle: Shades of Green

Fall fashion is heating up! I love when celebrities opt for earth tonal autumn colors; burgundies, chocolate browns, olive greens ::swoon::..
Speaking of which, if green is your color of choice this season, check out Jennifer Lopez, Gigi Hadid and Zendaya's ensembles below!

Look 1: Olive Green
Jennifer Lopez

JLo seamlessly mixes her greens; pairing a cropped, cedar green turtle neck with olive palazzo pants and a camel over coat. 

3 Cool Girl Cold Weather Styles To Wear Now

Brrrr Fashionistas! Is it possible to be stylish and warm at the same time? Of Course! Trendsetters never let weather play a factor in what they should wear versus what they want to wear. When it's below 30 degrees choosing practical wardrobe staples like long wool coats, knitted hats and gloves are absolute must-haves. However, cool girls like to focus on one dramatic piece such as turtle necks, scarves or over-the knee-boots and layer-up the rest of said look, for a more stylish outfit.

Let's take a look at how you can be fashionable and warm at the same time!

Look 1: Turtleneck & Vest
GTL: How to Wear a Vest + Booties
Opt for a turtleneck and layer it with a vest as seen on Kendall Jenner (above). This stylish look says: I'm keeping all the essentials warm while looking trendy. Sidenote: Wearing a pair of sunnies levels up your outfit.

Art Of The Day: Full Bloom


Although it's the beginning of November, this Art piece reminds me of the first day of Spring. It's the bright colors, the red roses, the hummingbird and the hints of light blue. So I'll leave you with a a little poem written by me. And No, the poem will not start with 'roses are red'

Fall leaves us wanting more
of orange, green and red
but as we go in between the seasons
there's only one reason.
time and time again
Spring comes back to us again.
And again. And Again. And Again.

-Written by Lena Revealed.

9 Fun & Flirty Date Night Outfits

Tonight isn't your normal night filled with Netflix movies, ice cream and random texts from your friends. No, tonight is date night. And not just any date--it's the First date. Of course, you two planned a well thought out evening featuring a cozy restaurant, some music and subtle flirting. But what he doesn't know is that you're currently trying to put together the perfect outfit so all eyes will be on you. However, the problem is you can't seemed to find anything in your closet! *screams*

No worries though, here are a few date night looks for you to be inspired by. Enjoy!

1. Sultry Looks
date look 1
Want to spice up your evening look? It's all about balance, if you're showing off your legs, counter it with a bardot top (as seen on Bey) or sleek blazer. Sexiness isn't always about showing skin, sometimes all you need is a deep v-neck and a well-tailored suit (see outfit on right)

Top Picks: Chanel Spring 2018 Collection

Chanel SS18

Clear Vinyl rain coats, gloves, boots and gloves --Oh My!

Only Chanel can make basic accessories look absolutely couture. And who can blame designer Karl Lagerfield, he's created detailed pieces that still has us swooning a month later!

Yes, a month later! It's hard to resist picking my favorite Chanel Runway look during Paris Fashion Week but with my utter weakness for pretty things, I caved and selected the most stylish looks for fashionistas to copy.

Let's spread some Chanel love and marvel at this beautiful Spring 2018 collection.

Morning Coffee Quotes & Notes #09


I changed the adding & Notes. Something about Morning Coffee Quotes & Life Update seemed a bit long winded.*chuckles* However, you be the judge.  At this point, I'm not sure what I will change next but as long as you 'tuned in' then I'll keep it spicy. I'm not sure what going on but everyday I feel different. I'm always changing my ideas. Do you feel that way too?

About the Quote & Blogging

Which brings me to this quote. I've been thinking about 'giving into' the fashion blogger industry.  You know...doing a Lookbook. *sigh* Who am I? What's my identity? How am I relate-able if I'm not doing what said industry requires?  It's not that I don't want to do a Lookbook--It's my lack of patience for doing one. Well, my lack of resources, people, and that damn DSLR camera that I don't have. lol.  Excuses! It's not!  You know, I like looking at fashion more so than being the fashionista. I like criticizing fashion. I like picking the next new trend. I want to be The Insider.  I want to influence but in my own way. Is that possible? In order to be a trendsetter, do I have to create a Lookbook? And that's why I picked Today's quote: You will Never Influence The World By Trying To Be Like It. I'm wrestling with the idea of conforming or doing something different. Conforming equals success and fans...right? 

Art Of The Day: Conform

Untitled #178

I often wonder if anyone marvels in the Art that I post. Is anyone paying attention to the details? Do you see what I see? Are you interested in Art? 

Please let me know. I'll value your opinion. And with that being said I'll leave you with a thought. It's not suppose to rhyme and it's not a freestyle or poem. It's just me expressing. Although, apart of me wanted to make it rhyme--I decided against it!     

If we're not evolving then we are the same. If we are not conforming then we are different,If we are not different then what are we? 

-By: Lena Revealed

The Best Outfits To Wear With Thigh-High Boots

thigh-high boots

Thigh high boots are are all the rage this season, and a sure fire way to elevate any casual look. Pair your over-the-knee boots with jeans, mini skirt or shift dress and you are guaranteed to make heads spin!

Check out how to style Thigh-high boots with any outfit.

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