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How To Style Puff-Sleeve Blouses

Puff-Sleeve Blouses are back! As with all re-booted fads, this 80's trend is serving up a modern day twist. With it's over the top sleeves and dramatic flare; it's exactly what you need to upgrade a basic outfit. Style this top with a pair of denim jeans or a midi pencil skirt. The trick is balance. Choose a Puff sleeve blouse you can incorporate into your daily life. Focus on the design (asymmetrical, long or short), the color, the style and the feel of it, so that you can wear it to special events. I like to go for a black puff blouse, as it goes with most outfits. Are you looking for an Instagram-worthy look?! Invest in a puff blouse and watch your 'likes' increase! This look is the perfect way to make a statement.  So, Spring up your look with a Puffer Sleeve blouse!

Celebrity Style Update: Black Sandal Mania

Spring style is heating up! Or is it cooling down? Who knows?! One thing is for certain, celebrities are gearing up for spring trends. Floral dresses, sandals and mini bags. However the one it-item that's currently trending are strappy black sandals. Yes, Black! It's not your ideal 'spring color' look but it's a refreshing touch to this season's color of the moment--pastels. Celebrities like Shay Mitchell and Eiza Gonzalez are dabbling with spring floral dresses with a black sandal. This sleek contrast will surely make heads turn!

Will you jump on this fashion train trend?

Check out each look and let me know which celebrity style is your favorite!

12 Ways to Style: Colorful Heels

Colorful Shoes

Let's gear up for Spring! This season is all about bright colors. In particular, bright sandals, heels, etc. It's great for women who are seeking a small amount of color, especially if you're not interested in standing out. Sometimes a full-on bright outfit, from head-to-toe is too much! So, adding a pop of color with a basic white top and denim jeans is perfect. This outfit idea is one of the many ways to style a bright color shoe. It says I want to be seen but I don't need to be the center of attention. However, if you want to make a statement, then go for it! Do you! Just have fun with your look!  

Top Beauty Trends from Fashion Week

Fashion Week may be over but we have the coolest make-up trends fresh off the runway.

As you know, Fashion Week is known for it's latest runway trends, provocative outfits and creative shows, we sometimes forget how much beauty plays a major part behind the scenes. Beauty is the cherry on top to every look. Some beauty trends are subtle like a nude lip color while others are bold and daring like a dark smokey eye. What ever the look, we are always inspired by what designers will think of next. Do you have a go-to make up look?

And speaking of nude lip shades and dark color palettes, lets take a look at few runway beauty trends worth trying out.

1. Bright Eyeliner.
Beauty Trend PFW AW 2018 Dior Bright Eyeliner

Try this! Brighten up your eyes with yellow, red or pink eyeliner for a dramatic summer look.

Morning Coffee Quotes & Notes #18


...Said the billionaire. haha! (just kidding) I love Lady O. I just find it ironic when billionaires give advice like this. You know? Give me your billions and I'll be the judge!

What I Read.

Recently, I read an article about the power of fashion influencers/bloggers and the dangerous path they're going down. Automatically, I took offense. lol Well, the author didn't say 'dangerous' but she talked about the over excess of materialism. The Need for materialistic things. Consumerism. Spend yo' money on this! Buy this! Buy that! ...Are fashion bloggers using their blogs as a materialistic platform? Are we only as valuable as our weekly/daily shopping edits? Our wish Lists? Or lust Lists? When I started my fashion blog, I'm not sure if I created it, to one day have over 10k followers who would, eventually, have access to "swipe up" on Instagram. To shop and buy things, of course. But the idea did cross my mind. Along with working with brands, to eventually creating my own clutch line. Omg! Am I a material girl, living in a material world?! I'm definitely, having a Madonna moment. Is it shallow to convince people to purchase products that will be out of season by next year? or next month? As I continue reading said article, I thought, well this is how bloggers make there money! ....I don't know....I've said enough, but I'll speak on this topic, further, on my other blog. But I am open to criticism. And I don't want my blog to be 'that blog' who only talks about what you need to buy next. What do you think?

Social Media & Blogging.

And speaking of NEXT! As you know, my 'love' for social media is [insert sarcastic adjective here]. Last week, I tried to keep up with the Kardashians Joneses of the fashion blogging/influencer world. I assumed, if I posted 2 to 3 times a day then I would gain more followers. Boy, was I wrong! I thought if I posted once a day, then I would gain loyal followers. Boy, was I wrong. I assumed, if I didn't post for a few days then I wouldn't lose followers. Boy, was I wrong! So, I've been wrong about everything thing related to Instagram. lol. And it's refreshing! Ladies and Gentlemen, I've reached the 4th stage of Instagram Grief : The Screw You, IG stage. And I love it! LOL. I just made that up, btw. I don't know how many stages it is...I just know, I'm on the forth stage. And right now, I'm annoyed but I don't care. The sorry, not sorry phase!

Life & Habits.

I went on a binge eating spree. I literally baked a cake and ate the whole thing. And it was great! The end. ha! Stress eating? I'm not sure. Will I do it next week? No, I know my limits. Will I think about doing it next week? uh, yes, but as long as I have a healthy dose of moderation (and a salad) then it's all good to splurge. ...If only cakes and pies were healthy snacks. sigh.... lol.

Have a Good week!

This post is unscripted and unedited. Your welcome! 

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Paris Fashion Week Recap: F/W 2018

Welcome to Paris Fashion Week! Where we explore runway looks by Louis Vuitton, Balmain, Chanel and many more! This recap will cater to your inner Label W&%#* goddess within you! And just in case you forgot....My New York Fashion Week edit was all about what I liked to wear if I lived an extravagant lifestyle. My London Fashion Week edit was all about what I found bizarre and eccentric. My Milan Fashion Week edit focused on 'wearable- everyday' fashion for the average woman. Each recap, expressed my critiques, dislikes and favorites. However, PFW is all about new trends, what styles to mimic and overall inspiration for your closet.

*editors note: I don't want to stray from what my blog is about. Which is a blog that caters to showing women wearing 'wearable' runway fashion, along with fashion tips, trend alerts and outfit ideas, etc., etc. However, Paris Fashion Week has alot of looks I like. Hopefully, you will like it too.

With that being said let's recap Paris Fashion Week ....with a creative twist! Enjoy!

PFW AW 2018 Runway Trend Ripped Jeans Balmain

7 Ways To Style Boyfriend Jeans

7 Boyfriend Jean Looks

Who needs a boyfriend, when you can buy your own? Ha! I'm loving this trend. It's refreshing, casual and easy to pull off. Sometimes, us gals need a breather from wearing skinny jeans. So let's switch it up! Cue the boyfriend jeans!

The key to the perfect boyfriend jean: fit. It should be loose at the thigh and gradually taper at the ankle. Now, for my curvy girls, let's just call it--sometimes boyfriend jeans aren't so boy-friendy, lol. To achieve the signature boyfriend slouch, opt for a size or two up and have the waist cinched by a tailor. Tailors are magicians with a sewing machine! (Don't have a tailor? Check your local dry cleaner or department store, there is usually one on staff :-)

12 Ways to Slay your Work Wear

Business Casual Looks

You just landed your new job! Congrats! Now, it's time to look the part. As they say 'dress for success and slay everyday.' Well, no one really says that, but it is important to look professional on a daily basis.
Dressing professionally doesn't mean losing your sense of style! You want your outfit to be an extension of who you are, as well as a representation of your  company .With business casual looks, it's all about looking comfortable yet maintaining a professional style. So put away those heels and bring out the loafers!

*Did you miss? What to wear to a Job interview  

March Fashion Horoscope Guide 2018: Spring Dress Edit

March Fashion Horoscopes '18

It's Pisces Season! Welcome to another monthly edition of Fashion Horoscopes. Do you love checking your horoscopes? Me too! However, if you're a fashion-gal, like me, then you'll love reading which outfit will match your zodiac style. Look no further! We have every new trend for each sign every month. This month is all about spring dresses. So, let's check out which stylish dress each Zodiac sign should wear. Will lady Leo love our halter neck dresses? Or will Aries side-eye our selection of red dresses?

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