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Mini Series: A Unexpected Day

Dear L.E.N.A,

If I can go back to a time of flavored lip balm, sun-kissed skin and innocence. I would. Life seemed so simple then. That is, until I met him. You know, that guy....yea, THAT Guy: Tall; dark and Handsome. (cliche..) He was mysterious and ultra confident. *sigh*

For the sake of my sanity, lets call him Justin*.

Justin was (how can I say this)....witty; soft-spoken; and intriguing. Anyone who met Justin, immediately stop and stared at his chiseled jawline, his green eyes, and full lips.

I know what you're thinking... How many times am I going to describe him! (lol) I can't help it! However, if I can go back to the day I first met him, I would do it all over again. This time, however, I would've ignored him. I would've said Thank You, but NO, thank you! (and kept walking).

If only I had a time machine....

My life changed five years ago, when I was walking (and dancing!) down my street. I had a good morning that day. Also, I looked good.  I had on tight-fitted blue jeans, a cute blouse, designer heels and a bag.

As the engines of expensive cars--hummed and chatty people filled the morning air, that's when I noticed him. And to my surprise, he was already staring at me. With those intense eyes. I shuddered,  my heart skipped and life slowed down!

Until this happen...

*I screamed* "Oh em god!"  I tripped on a hole! Not just any hole--- The Infamous sidewalk-street-hole. The one hole, everyone knows about and purposely avoid at all times. Yes, that one. I fell in. I mean, look, it wasn't that deep. Just enough to make you lose your balance. Well, I lost my balance and confidence that day.

"Are you Okay?! The stranger asked .--I was trying to get your attention, but you seemed... dazed."   (Yea, dazed by you). Now, I know why he was staring at me, awkwardly.

I grumbled. "Well, no, I just bought these designer shoes." I huffed, as he helped me up. "And unless you're going to buy me another pair of Guisep--"

"Well, wow, Hi, I'm Justin. And I don't know what the future holds, but I can start by buying you a cup of coffee." He said, while smirking. Is he hitting on me? (Too soon. Too Soon!)

I paused for dramatic effect--(not to seem desperate). Then said, " Umm Yea..I have a few minutes to spare."

He smirked again and said. "Follow me..."

to be continued 

-->The Memoirs of Lena are loosely based on a true story. Mostly embellished tales with a dash of real-ness. 

Are you intrigued too? What will happen next? Stay Tuned!


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