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Brunch, Friends, and Men

How can I say this? You know you're in for a long day when you're "friend" calls you and say: 'I need your advice' --of course, I say 'sure'...

I've ignored my social life for weeks and was in need of an outing--but at what cost? My sanity? Logic? My code?

This "friend" of mine loves to talk about herself, her Instagram and her men. She's a reality TV show come to life. However, on the day I flip to her channel she decides to be on ALL day. Back-to-back episodes of : Does he like me?  Is he playing hard to get? What do you think he's thinking? Well, I don't know what he's thinking but I'm Thinking--what the [bleep] did I get myself into...

On a brighter note, she loves to go out to brunch and I love food, so it works--until it doesn't.

Finally, when I've had enough of her eight hour "me me me sessions" (yes, 8 hours!), she realizes that I've tuned her out. By then, brunch was over hours ago and I agreed a day ago, that I would spend all day with my friend- catching up. Except  I haven't said more than two sentences about my life--nor has she asked. Wait...Wait... she did ask 'how are you' upon arrival. I smiled and said 'I'm doing well'  and that's it--back to her life. (lol)

The food was great by the way!

I had french toast with berries. She had a chicken salad. We order chicken wings drizzled in the restaurants secret sauce. (yumm!)

I did manage to sneak in some advice. I said to her: Friend, if a man makes you second-guess how he feels about you, then he is NOT the man FOR you.

She looked at me confused, as if I said something in another language (I didn't, btw).
She then says: but he wants to take me on a trip.
I say: but you just told me that he has some girl all over his Instagram, who could be his girlfriend. She says:  Well, he told me they broke up.
I say: Do you really believe that?      

And If I continue to go deeper into our conversation, you (the reader) will began to question my age and my own sanity. So I'll stop there.

We ended the night, bitter, unresolved and disgruntled. She called me moody. I called her Oblivious to her reality. We hug, said we have to do this again, and went our separate ways. So the cycle continues....

Did I mention the food was great?! LOL.

 Chicken wings

The Succotash at The Nation Harbor, near Wash., DC


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