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Mini Series: Is he serious?

"Normally, I don't 'do this' ever," I said, while trying to gain my confidence.

"You mean follow strangers to unknown places." Justin said with a smirked. ( Jerk!)

Ha! He's funny. "Yes, I have morals. I have codes. I have self-respect." I declared. "And, now that you've mentioned it, I need to turn around and leave." As I pretended to walk away, he mumbled something under his breath. "What did you just say?!" I demanded. 

"I said, No you don't." He stared at me, intently. (Oh, he's cocky too! And what was he saying 'No you don't ' too?

I walked towards him like an obedient pet. (ugh) He bit his lip, smiled and continued walking. I followed. We walked side by side silently until we reached a cute, mom and pop shop, called Coffee and Bagel Time. The locals called the place, The Green Bagel. Which was odd because none of the bagels were green. (haha!)

"I've passed this shop several times but never walked in." I said as he open the door for me. (Gentleman!)

"Yea, I've seen you" He said with a serious tone. 

"What do you mean? You--You've--you're watching me--umm, what?" I struggled to compose myself, as we stood in line. 

He laughed. "I usually sit by the window and I always see you walk pass--you're usually talking to yourself." (Omg, how embarrassing.) He laughed again. I turned away. 

"I'm not some crazy lady who randomly talks to herself in public--" As I tried to say that, with a straight-face. (Well, maybe, lol)

"I think it's cute--it's real ,organic, it's your reality." He said while staring through me. (geeesh, he's so intense)   

I gasped. "Uh, yea, so, What's good here?" As I turned my attention to the menu. He smiled and cleared his throat.

"Well, there coffee is great. They have pastries, donuts, and of course bagels." He said. "You would like there latte and strawberry pastry." 

"Okay, I'll have that." I agreed. After we ordered our breakfast, we found seats by the window. I admired the view while he went to grab our food from the counter. (So far, he's nice but, I have to know why he was stalking me) I giggled to myself, as he walked back to his seat.     

He looked into my eyes and said, "You want to know how long I've been stalking you--" (Can he read minds too? He's so Edward Cullens!) I bashfully looked at him and laughed. "For months, now, I've noticed you.--I wanted to meet you for a while, but the timing was off." (Until now?) 

I was shocked. "I'm at a lost for words--" I said. 

"I do that a lot, to you, huh? --I mean, you're having a hard time focusing, right? " He continued. "I feel the--" He mumbled.

I finally gathered my thoughts. "I just met you--you've seen of me for months-- I don't--" He cut me off. 

"Let me ask you a serious question." He stated. 

I stood up in my seat and said, "Okay, I'm listening--" 

To be Continued! 

What will Justin ask her? Where was she headed before she met him?  Why do the locals call it The Green Bagel?! 

Stay tuned!

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-->The Memoirs of Lena are loosely based on a true story. Mostly embellished tales with a dash of real-ness. 

The Lena Memoirs are released every Friday....or sometimes Saturday. Well, definitely by Monday. *smile* 


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