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Mini Series: Green Bagels

"Do you want to try a Green bagel?" Justin said with a poker face.

Did he just cut me off while I was in the middle of asking my own question? *sigh* How am I suppose to find out what is going on? However, I am curious about the infamous green bagel here at this mom and pop shop. 

So I said to Justin, "Sure....why not." He gets up, smiles at me and walks to the side of the counter to speak with the manager. That's odd. The manager goes to the kitchen and hurries back with a-- regular plain looking bagel. huh?

Here you go! he said. 

I looked at him, convincingly unimpressed , as he placed the plain (and NOT green) bagel in front of me. "Uhh...It's not green." I said.

He laughed and said, "There is more than one way to use the word green-- ....Just try it"

As I looked down at my plate, perturbed, slightly annoyed and yet curious, I lifted up the 'not green bagel' and took a bite. Oh. It's good. 

"Wow, this is delicious. Is it Organic?" I said. He chuckles and then nods at the manager, who was staring at our table. 

"It's's, yes it is organic and..well, natural. Mother earth. It's great." He mumbled. 

I paused to recollect my thoughts and gathered what he was trying to say. He probably meant that it has some vegetables in it. Most likely green vegetables. They probably added flavor to make it taste good. Right?  

"You mean it has green vegetables in it--like broccoli, cucumbers or green beans--yes?" I said matter-of-factually.     

He threw his hands in the air, then clapped one time, looked at the manager (again) and smirked. "Some people call it broccoli--Yea.  I'm not sure what Snoop Dogg would call it." He joked. I think. 

I nervously laughed with him. "Omg has Snoop been here before?!! --WOW!" I said, unsure.

He laughed. "Well, no, he hasn't, but I bet he would love it--the bagel." He said. "So, how do you feel?"

Now that he's asked, I felt light-weight and relaxed. My anxiety was gone. Odd. I felt free. However all I managed to say was, "I feel good." 

And then it hit me! Oh my Goshhhh! I know what I'm eating!

To be Continued!

Did she figure it out? How will she react? Do you know what she ate? 

Stay tuned...

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-->The Memoirs of Lena are loosely based on a true story. Mostly embellished tales with a dash of real-ness.


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