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Happy 4th: The Day After

After long hours of partying, roof top shenanigans and the excessive drinking (admittedly more than 3 shots), this (picture above) was the only shot (no pun intended) I managed to take. *chuckles* Let's just say, I didn't make it in to work today...

So...the text to my boss read something like this:

Dear Boss, 

I'm sick. I can't make it in today. 

PS: It has nothing to do with the 4th of July. :)   

Thanks, your humble employee

Luckily, I have a cool boss and he laugh and said "okay."
Also it turns out, I'm not sick (yay me!)---just hungover. lol. *sigh*

Picture this: I had on a pair of blue jeans, a white top, and red sandals. Nothing too patriotic but definitely supporting the holiday.

Roof top party:  Cray! Sun up to Sun down.

City: Washington, DC

Friends with me: 4

Overall: I had a great time. The music was right, the temperature was perfect and the crowd sociable.

What did you do for the 4th?

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