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Art Of The Day: Diamonds

Impossible To Touch

"Diamonds are a girl's bestfriend..."

Artwork was created by Polyvore's digital art designer Livnd (username). I've featured her work at least three time on this site. I can't help it-- her creativity level is on 100! She has over +500 set views, +200k likes, and over +3k followers on She's a young artist with fresh ideas. 

My Interpretation: I see a woman blinded by fame. She wears a metaphorical mask to cover up her real feelings. She knows people prefer to be around her when the paparazzi is near or when she's posting Instagram pics for her one million plus followers. She's deep but rarely shows it. She wants to change but she loves the spotlight.

Can you love the likes and hate it at the same time? I don't know.

How would you interpret this?

*To view more Artwork and designs by Livnd: go HERE


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