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Art Of The Day: Meow

Inspired by Arshile Gorky
A scattered mind is a brilliant mind...

This Art Piece was created by Polyvore's digital art designer Jill-bh (username). Arshile has over +120k set views, +20k likes, and over 12k followers on

My Interpretation: I see a brilliant mind with scattered ideas. An artist not seeking approval. A person who knows how to solve all life's problems through art. Their art! He is always thinking of creating, doing, moving. A Picasso type. Maybe emotionally unavailable too. A lady's man. A heart-breaker. He live in the moment and never regrets anything.

What do you think?

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  1. Stunning piece of art - it's packed full of stuff but left completely open to interpretation, I really like it!

    Heather xx


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