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Art Of The Day: Next Stop

Next stop

Hello, yes, I'm kind of a big deal....

This Art Piece was created by Polyvore's digital art designer Blanche (username). She draws her inspiration from building architectures. She has over 3 million set views, +300k likes, and over +9k followers on

My Interpretation: She's a Boss! She sacrificed so much to reach her elevated status. Although, some would say she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Who knows, for sure. Regardless, she hustled to sit at the boys table. And although, they respect her, she still has to keep one eye open.


How would you interpret this?

*To view more Artwork and designs by Blanche: go HERE


  1. This piece of art is stunning. I love the contrast of modern architecture with vintage style. Maybe the woman is looking ahead into the future, almost pioneering it? Great piece of art!

    Heather xx

    1. I agree with your interpretation. I can def see that!


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