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Get The Look: 3 Hot AF Summer Outfits

First, I want to Thank Everyone who showed so much love on my last post: Trends: Denim Sandals. THANK YOU! I was over-whelmed by your responses and I appreciated it! Loved it, actually. I'm a new blogger so this is all new to me. As you can see, the quality of my blog is highly suspect but functional! haha! I mean, I don't have a picture up yet and that's like Blogger Don't(s): 101! LOL

Thanks Again!

...Okay, I don't know where you live but here, in the Nation's Capital (Washington D.C) it's hot! Like above average hot. Sticky icky icky oh wee hot. And if it's not hot then it's raining. In fact, I want to say that it rain for the entire month of July (and now, August) but that could be an exaggeration. LOL. *shrugs*

Anyway, let's get back to the fashion....

I created three Hot as f*k looks for the end of the summer. 

Printed shorts
This outfit is an evening stylish look. Omg! Black, though? Yes! You can wear this while out with the girls.


Heat wave...
Did you notice the denim sandals?! You can easily pair denim sandals with anything white. I paired them with shorts. 

Field of flowers...
I love this look! It's casual, cool and light. This is a perfect day look. 

Which look do you like? Or What would you do differently?

Comment below. Let me know!


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