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Get The Look: Pinstripe Shorts

Pinstripe shorts

"I'm switching seasons like I switch my bras..." -Lena

And.....Back to Summer!

Hey friends! Today's look was inspired by old school gangster movies (like The Godfather, The Goodfellas, etc.) with a feminine twist. Pow! This look has a masculine vibe too it, that I love, and it's perfect for everyday casual wear.

Did you notice the white loafers? Well sometimes, I like to wear white shoes before the Fashion police stops me in a few weeks! #LaborDayHaters

What do you think of the ootd?

Question: Do you wear white shoes after Labor Day? After summer is over? Or Do you wear what you want, when you want, no questions asked?!  ☺

Comment below!

*Look created by: me


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