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Shoe Feature: The Pump


Let me tell you a story about the Lady and The Pump.

I don't want to confuse you with another story called the Lady and the Tramp. Although, both ladies may be the same person. I'm not sure. haha!  None the less, said Lady walked passed a familiar shoe store and gazed in amusement. The Lady thought about going in, but quickly remembered she forgot her Black card...or was it her debit card? Again, I'm not sure. However, ignoring all logic, she followed her heart and went into the store.

She gasped. Shoes surrounded her main and peripheral views. "May I help you?" said the store clerk. The lady snapped out of her dream-like state and proceeded to say, "Yes, I'll try that one on." She pointed to a Black Pump. A classic choice. She waited, while the clerk went into the back to seek the undisclosed shoe size. The clerk reappeared from the room with a smirk on her face. The lady tried on the Pump and Naomi Campbell walk throughout the store. *cough, cough* The clerk cleared her throat and said, "Those designer pumps are $2,495 dollars --Can you afford that?" Annoyed and perplexed. The lady stopped walking and said, "Young lady, I'm your Boss's, Boss's, Boss and You're Fired!"

Moral of the story: Never come in between a Lady and her Pump! LOL.

I just made that story up! And to question the amount of free time I have is totally debatable and up to you...☺

Anyway, I wanted to show you a 'bird's eye view' of my top pump picks. It's something different.
When we try on a pair of shoes, we automatically look down, first, and then turn our foot to the side.

Also, pumps are my favorite pre-fall trend...along with a glass of red. *wink*

How often do you wear pumps? During special occasions? At work? On weekends? Or never?

Let me know!


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