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Style Diary: Taylor Swift

Taylor swift

Striped Dress ✔
Loafers on ✔
Ray Bans on ✔
Cross-body shoulder bag ✔
Ignoring all the haters: Double ✔

You can see it in her face, right? Taylor Swift-- secretly loving all the attention! She's practically oozing 'I win B*#$hes.' And you know what? I'm low-key loving it too.

Confidence is key! It's all about blending the right colors together to create a effortless look.

Let's breakdown her outfit:

1. T by Alexander Wang Striped  Velvet Dress

T by Alexander Wang Striped Velvet Dress

2. Michael Kors Leather Loafers
Michael Kors Collection Lennox Leather Loafers

3. Karl Lagerfeld Shoulder bag.
Karl Lagerfeld K/Pin Closure Crossbody

Do you like her style choice? 
Let me know!

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