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The Art Of Relaxing


The Art of Relaxing. *sigh* If only I could master that.....

Last night I tossed and turned. Restless. I thought if I watched a movie then I would fall asleep. I thought if I trolled the 'gram then I would fall asleep but that further my excitement. Finally after countless attempts to release me from my insomnia, I turn on some music. Yes, music. And then something magical happen....I merge into a single thought and relax. What a relief. The old school remedy everyone has to try. However, I'm sure you knew that already. lol. But for me, I didn't realize how much I needed it. Music. So simple, yet I complicated my whole entire night, just to arrive at what I knew would solve my problem.

Why do I do this? Why do I avoid feeling good or making my self (my soul) feel good. Relax. And Relax again. Admittedly, as I write this.... this personal piece about me, it doesn't fit my overall blog aesthetic. Well, if you like this side of me then go to my other blog: Diary of Lena Noir. <--click it. Shameless plug much? eh, hey, it's what I do. *chuckles*  Oh yea, so relaxing. Try it. Use music to heal your mind, body and soul (cliche line).

Last night I listened to meditation music...and now...when I think about it, it's not 'chanting' meditation music but Native American music. Where they use instruments like the flute to calm your nerves. *sigh* It's great. I listen to it on Pandora--the app. It's not the only thing I listen too- to ease my mind. I prefer R & B music, Bob Marley, and dare I say...I'm comteplating saying his name. Okay, Okay...I listen to Justin Bieber radio on Pandora. There I said it! And not baby Bieber music, I mean the latest 'What do you mean' Beiber. lol. The I'm 'Sorry' and 'Where are U now' Biebs.  OMG, I said Biebs. haha! You know, I don't think Biebs like to be called The Biebs anymore. Does he? Omg, I'm rambling. lol. sidenote: I am dying laughing right now.

My point is.... I listen to a variety of music --to r e l a x.

If you struggle with falling asleep, like I do, then try this before bed:
  1. Taking a warm bath
  2. Reading a book
  3. A glass of wine (for grown-ups)

But ...these are all my do you do to relax?  

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