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Art Of The Day: Flashlights

Each one has your dream

We turn on once the cameras are on...

Artwork was created by Polyvore's digital artist Elyeyer (username). The Brazilian artist has over 3 million set views, +500k likes, and over +7k followers on

My Interpretation: I'm beginning to think I love art like this. I love anything that's chaotic and intense with a subliminal message. That's what life is...a subliminal message. We are assigned to earth to figure out said message. At least that what I see in this design--subliminal messages. Are we obsessed with the pictures, the likes, Instagram, city life. What is the fascination? Do we search for the limelight just to have money and fame?

How would you interpret this?

*To view more Artwork and designs by Elyeyer: go HERE


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