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Art Of The Day: Pink Jungle

184 - always lurking

Can you 'make it' in a big city...

Artwork was created by Polyvore's digital artist Tyebluer (username). The Arts Lover has over +80k set views, +13k likes, and over 700 followers on

My Interpretation: Immediately, I think of people surviving a high pace city life. Street lights, strangers and loud sounds fill the air. Only the strongest will survive. Only the ones who know how to maneuver and manipulate can get ahead. Are you a Hustler? Are you cut-throat? Do you have natural talent to beat your competition. Everyone is in competition! And you would be a fool to deny that. How would you survive the concrete jungle of the big bad city? Did you notice the tiger?!  

How would you interpret this?

*To view more Artwork and designs by Tyebluer: go HERE


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