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7 Reasons Why Fashionistas Love To Wear Black

Wearing black

Winter White, Ruby Reds may be the "it" colors of the season, but one classic color reigns supreme. Black. Trends may come and go, but black will always be the new black.

Women who wear black will agree it is the quintessential go-to color. So I asked few fashionistas why do they prefer to wear black? Check out their reasons below! 

1. Black goes with Anything! 

2. You can wear it at any time.

3. it's powerful    

black clothes
Alexander Wang f/w 2017 collection

4. Black is perfect for every occasion. (from social events to funerals)

5. Black is elegant, sophisticated  and mysterious! 

6. You feel comfortable in black.

7. Wearing black makes you look thinner. 

Do you love wearing black? Share your reasons why!

*Credit: Runway Photos
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