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Art Of The Day: Pink Heart

From 31: Pinkish

Song: L-L-Love by Astaire/Blondfire

Flirting with disaster
You're the one I'm after
Think I found my destiny
Luxury and danger
Rapture me my stranger
Hold me close, don't let me be
I could fly on the wings of my heart
Deep inside, I've been falling apart
L L Love, there's a magic in you
And I'll be under your spell, L L Love

Songwriters: Bruce James Driscoll / Erica Pinto Da Silva Driscoll
L-L-Love lyrics © Peermusic Publishing

Curious? Well, I'm matching a song to how this Artwork makes me feel!
Try it with me!
What song does this design remind you of?

*Artwork by Polyvore Digital Artist: Merimagic (Meri Arnett)


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