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Morning Coffee Quotes #08 & Life Update


Hey Friend,
It's been a while since I posted a Morning Coffee Quotes and it's for good reason--which I'll explain later. Originally, Coffee Quotes were for my own personal benefit, until I started to receive good reviews and decided to post it every Tuesday morning. But then life happened and posting a quote every week became TOO Much. *laughs*  (cheers to all the inconsistent bloggers!)

About the Quote
I usually read quotes when I'm stressed and over-whelmed. So when I saw this one, I was drawn to it. All you need is faith, trust and a lot (not a little, in my case) Pixie Dust! Lately, I've been lacking my own pixie dust. I'm one of those people who needs an instant 'like' boost or else. We always want something as soon as possible and if we don't see results within the set time frame then all H*$% breaks loose.   


Did you notice I switched from Blogger comments to Disqus? I'm not sure what happen but the spammers were doing what they do best---spamming! It effected the quality of my site and eventually, I had to cross over to the greener side. By crossing over to Disqus I lost all my old comments and had to start over.

I didn't realize how attached I was to my comments. So when I tried to sync my comments with Disqus--it didn't work! Do you know what I did next? I took a week off from commenting on other blogs to contemplate how I felt about losing my comments. Smh! I was upset. And I thought about deleting my blog. *laughs* Melodramatic much?!  I had to re-evaluate my thoughts and understand that it's not that serious! I'm fine now but I don't know everyone's blog by heart. So, if I haven't commented on your site, please blame my mind and not my heart! Of course, reaching out to other bloggers is one of the perks of blogging. 

Life & Love.

I have a crush! He's so cute too. *covers face* It's weird because I always see him at the grocery store. Well, it's the only time I see him. Usually, I try not to stare but when our eyes meet......*sigh* it's magic ... OR at least on my end! lol!  And I'm too chicken sh*t to say anything to him! So by my lack of confidence, I've become the peeping tom at my local grocery store. #great #ICantDealWithMeRightNow And I'm not proud of that ....but I'll keep you posted.

Sidenote: I'm surprised that I am vocal today...I like to save all of this blah blah blah for my other blog. Someone said I need to merge my two blogs together. I don't know. I'll think about it, while I think about him.... *chuckles* So cheesy!

PS: I didn't edit this post. Sorry. Not Sorry. Lol.

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