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3 Cool Girl Cold Weather Styles To Wear Now

Brrrr Fashionistas! Is it possible to be stylish and warm at the same time? Of Course! Trendsetters never let weather play a factor in what they should wear versus what they want to wear. When it's below 30 degrees choosing practical wardrobe staples like long wool coats, knitted hats and gloves are absolute must-haves. However, cool girls like to focus on one dramatic piece such as turtle necks, scarves or over-the knee-boots and layer-up the rest of said look, for a more stylish outfit.

Let's take a look at how you can be fashionable and warm at the same time!

Look 1: Turtleneck & Vest
GTL: How to Wear a Vest + Booties
Opt for a turtleneck and layer it with a vest as seen on Kendall Jenner (above). This stylish look says: I'm keeping all the essentials warm while looking trendy. Sidenote: Wearing a pair of sunnies levels up your outfit.

Look 2: Waist length Coat & Over-the-knee boots

Celebrity Style - Charlotte Groeneveld

Not all wool coats have to be long. Try finding a waist length wool coat and pair it with boots and a skirt for a chic and stylish look.

Look 3: Dramatic Scarves

Cool Girl Cold Weather Street Style
Dramatic scarves are always in. If you're running late or need to make a quick stop to the coffee shop but your favorite sweatpants are in the laundry basket, then opt for an over-the-top scarf, jeans/tights, ankle and a long coat. It's a quick and stylish look!

What's important to you during winter months: To be Stylish & Warm? or Its cold & Who cares?! ha! Let me know!   

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