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5 Dinner Party Outfits To Wear This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Outfit

Holiday festivities are upon us!  Thanksgiving is all about enjoying family, laughter and reminiscing about the good ol' days. It's also the time of the year when we usually wait until the last minute to put an outfit together. This holiday season is all about being comfortable and stylish . So, try finding a dressy/ dramatic top and pairing it with denim jeans and pumps. Do you prefer to wear a dress? Then go for a midi length dress, leggings and kitten heels. Most importantly, make sure you have lots of breathing room for all your holiday indulgences. 

Now, before you stuff your face with grandma's homemade pie, lets take a look at a few dinner party styles to wear this Thanksgiving.

Look 1
Untitled #900

Look 2
Untitled #947

Look 3
Untitled #949

The next two looks are casual yet stylish

Look 4
Untitled #880

Look 5
Untitled #642

Remember the key here is relaxed and fashionable. Enjoy your Holiday!

**Next fashion post will be after the holidays: I'll be back with a new fashion exclusive on Nov. 24th! 

*Credit Photo 1:
*Set Stylist:  Dida-Zalesakova

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