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9 Fun & Flirty Date Night Outfits

Tonight isn't your normal night filled with Netflix movies, ice cream and random texts from your friends. No, tonight is date night. And not just any date--it's the First date. Of course, you two planned a well thought out evening featuring a cozy restaurant, some music and subtle flirting. But what he doesn't know is that you're currently trying to put together the perfect outfit so all eyes will be on you. However, the problem is you can't seemed to find anything in your closet! *screams*

No worries though, here are a few date night looks for you to be inspired by. Enjoy!

1. Sultry Looks
date look 1
Want to spice up your evening look? It's all about balance, if you're showing off your legs, counter it with a bardot top (as seen on Bey) or sleek blazer. Sexiness isn't always about showing skin, sometimes all you need is a deep v-neck and a well-tailored suit (see outfit on right)

2. Cute & Casual
casual looks w/ teigen

Going on a day date? Whites and blues are a perfect pair! Try a stone wash jean with camel accents, peep toe or classic stiletto and voila, you are brunch ready!

3. When In Doubt...
date night 3

...Wear black! It's the official date night color! Every woman needs a Little Black Dress in their closet. If you already have one--Great! You're look is almost complete. Pair your LBD with cute heels and a statement necklace and watch your date admire you all night!

What ever you decide to wear just remember to have fun with your look and find pieces that you'll feel comfortable in.

Which Date Night outfit is favorite? Let me know!

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