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Morning Coffee Quote & Notes #10


This is my 10th Coffee Quote post! Yay! It's definitely a milestone. A small one but worth it. I enjoy writing personal tidbits about what's going on with my life, my blog and whatever else I can think of...*smile* Now, I know I missed last week Tuesday's update but it's for good reason....


I got a new Laptop! My old one crashed and burned. I had it since yea. I tried to resurrect it but I wasn't blessed with that gift. However, I'm annoyed that I had to buy another computer. Why do we need programs updates? I mean, security reasons-I know...but d*mn. I'm not ballin'! I don't have a Money Tree in my backyard (Wait--let me check...nope!). So, all those updates, need to stop! I guess that's how companies stay in business. *sigh*  By the way, It's a Microsoft computer...or a Microsoft program computer! Are you shocked?! I prefer Microsoft Word over....what is it that Apple has again?  iWork? What can I say? I'm loyal...*shrugs*

Social Media.

When I joined Instagram, about two month ago, for my blog, I had no idea how [insert curse word here] annoying it would be. What is it with people following you and then changing their minds? *laughs* Did I post the wrong picture?! Did I skip a day?! Do I post too much?! Like what is it?! I want to do a survey, but I might lose followers. lol.. It's risky. Anyway, my IG look like it's suffering from an identity crisis! It's really sad and yet, oddly amusing. I take it one day at a time and just know that I have a solid 40 followers! And they're here for the s*&% show!

About the Quote

I like how my Coffee Quote posts are becoming less and less about the quotes... but here's the thing: I really need a vacation! And I don't have to travel to exotic locations, I just need a mental break, to refresh and come up with new fashion ideas. lol. However, if I had to travel to a destination I would go ....somewhere warm (of course), somewhere all inclusive (of course), somewhere with a beach (of course) and somewhere with great music & people (of course!). SO basically a hotel beach with a bar! haha!  Do you need a vacation too?


Thanksgiving is coming! Speaking of a break.... This year I'll be spending the holidays with my family. No Friends-giving this year. So that should be fun... We'll most likely reminisce, eat, play cards, eat again and then have pie! Sweet potato pie...w/ vanilla ice-cream!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh! My next fashion post will be on Friday November 24th, the day after thanksgiving.

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