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Morning Coffee Quotes & Notes #09


I changed the adding & Notes. Something about Morning Coffee Quotes & Life Update seemed a bit long winded.*chuckles* However, you be the judge.  At this point, I'm not sure what I will change next but as long as you 'tuned in' then I'll keep it spicy. I'm not sure what going on but everyday I feel different. I'm always changing my ideas. Do you feel that way too?

About the Quote & Blogging

Which brings me to this quote. I've been thinking about 'giving into' the fashion blogger industry.  You know...doing a Lookbook. *sigh* Who am I? What's my identity? How am I relate-able if I'm not doing what said industry requires?  It's not that I don't want to do a Lookbook--It's my lack of patience for doing one. Well, my lack of resources, people, and that damn DSLR camera that I don't have. lol.  Excuses! It's not!  You know, I like looking at fashion more so than being the fashionista. I like criticizing fashion. I like picking the next new trend. I want to be The Insider.  I want to influence but in my own way. Is that possible? In order to be a trendsetter, do I have to create a Lookbook? And that's why I picked Today's quote: You will Never Influence The World By Trying To Be Like It. I'm wrestling with the idea of conforming or doing something different. Conforming equals success and fans...right? 

Love & Life

Have you ever had an addiction and the only way to get over it was to go through it? That's what's happening to me. I've been Netflix-ing and chill-ing  on the show Stranger Things for the past week. And just like an addict, I'm in complete denial of my addiction. It's consumed my time, energy and Life. I've realized this consumption, but by then its too late. I'm irrevocably and completely drawn to the Upside Down place. I've ignore all priorities just for one more hit one more episode. Annoyed by this addiction, I turned it off and told myself that I need to get back to reality.  So I drowned myself in work for hours but working doesn't seem to satisfy my need to know. What will happen next?! I begin to despise the writers of the show. Damn YOU for leaving cliff hangers after every episode! Every Episode, though?! Like c'mon! Eventually, I deflect my anger back at myself but at this point I don't care anymore. Pressing Play is the only thing that matters.... yea, so, Hi, I'm Lena and I'm an Stranger Things Addict.  

If you're wondering about My Crush, I didn't see him this weekend. Which sucked because I dressed up.... to go to the grocery see him...and get groceries, of course, but mainly to see him. *sigh* So, now I'm wondering if I can wear the same exact outfit for next week. lol!  Look, there's no turning back now, I've falling into my own high school drama-medy (drama + comedy) and I intend to see it through. I'll keep you posted! 

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