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Morning Coffee Quotes & Notes #11


Earlier this week I wasn't sure if I'll be able to post my Morning Coffee Quotes & Notes but when you are Superwoman all things are possible. lol. Just sayin'! All women have the capacity to do amazing things with what little they (or WE) have. In my case it was time. So I made time. Yes! I made time! I literally stopped time and added my own time, to make time. LOL. That's where Strength comes in and how we are able to do the impossible. As for a Disguise, I had to put on 'a front' to make people believe that I have it all together. I don't know if that's a gift or a curse? I do know that being a Superwoman requires you appear to know what you're doing. Do we know what we're doing? Who knows...but as long as we have on our imaginary Capes then we can do anything! ANYTHING!


I love posting art from new Artist's. It's one of the things I like about my blog. I think art and fashion goes together. Which begs the question- What came first? The Art or The Fashion? The answer: The Designer! lol. Lately, though, Art hasn't been my main focal point. Fashion has taken over L.E.N.A. I wanted to bridge the gap between the two subjects but I guess the heart wants what the heart wants. And by Heart, I mean, you. The reader. Admittedly, I don't promote art on social media as much as I do fashion. So that could be it....

Social Media

And speaking of social media... (ugh, lol) Instagram blacklisted me for a few days....yes! For four days I stop posting just so I could get off the list. Apparently, I was using the wrong hashtags, that were unrelated to my post. Or I was using the same hashtag too many times? So I read that if you stop posting for a few days then your hashtags will show up in the feed again. Draining! Of course, during those 'days off' I lost some followers. Even a major follower like OOTD Magazine followed me and then unfollowed me...which was weird because they follow over 6k people for the life of me, I can't figure out, why they unfollowed little ole me? LOL. I'm being petty...but still, I wanted to know. Seriously, I almost DM them to find out why.....but I digressed. *sigh*

Life & Love

OMG. Going to my local grocery store has never been as stressful as it is now. D*mn you emotions for making me have a crush! I literally feel like a school girl trapped in a high school movie....or musical. lol. Either way, whenever I turn the corner...or walk by the dairy section--he's there. What is it about Milk and Produce that brings people together? Do you remember the movie Serendipity? Hello Ice cream! lol. There's another romantic comedy that has dairy products as its theme. hmmm? I'll think of it later... Anyway, I'm waiting for the butterflies to fly away so I can shop in peace!

PS: Buy a CAPE!  haha!

*I don't edit Coffee Q & N....freestyle!

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