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Weekly Trend Report: 11/24 -11/30

Hello Friday! As we end a week filled with family gatherings, short work days and shared photos on Instagram; it's only fair to close out with a fashion update of what's currently trending!  Please note, not every trend is good but if we can see the beauty of each one and make it our own, then we've created what the industry would call --style. Beauty, however, is in the eye of the beholder. Some trends are hot and some trends are, well...not.

Let's take a look at what's trending and you be the judge!


1. Ruffled Pants- What a statement piece! If you're going to wear a pair of ruffled pants then let it be at a social event. Ruffled pants are definitely a showstopper, so opt for a simple top and a pair of shoes.  Like or Dislike?

2. Fringe Scarves- I'm all about a fancy scarf during the fall/winter months but this trend reminds me of a cute little mop... Like or Dislike?

3. Embroidered Sweaters- Designs on sweaters can be a hit or miss for me. However, I'm currently loving the message on the sweater above. Would I wear it? Maybe. Like or Dislike?

4. Metallic Loafers- When it comes to trends, I always ask myself: Can I wear this to work? Or Can I wear this on a regular/average day? The answer is, No. Would I wear metallic loafers in general? Only as a metallic pump! However, I've seen fashionistas pull this look off, so if you're feeling bold then go for it!  Like or Dislike?

5. Rose Gold Jewelry- Rose Gold is always in! Well, it's currently in style. So I say jump of this Fashion Train before it leaves the station. What do you think? Like or Dislike?

Which trend do you Like or Dislike?

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