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3 Quick Ways to Elevate Your Casual Looks

We all have those days when we forgot to hit the snooze button, waited until the last minute to find an outfit or skipped breakfast because we're running late. And who can blame you, you're a young #GirlBoss in the making, who's ready to conquer the world. Sometimes life gets the best of us and we're not able to perform at top level when we have a lot on our agenda books. You may be late to a meeting but we found some simple and quick ways to look super stylish while in a hurry.


1. Invest in an Oversized Hand Bag.
Rocking jeans and a t-shirt can be cute but basic. Complement it with the right oversized bag, voila! your outfit just went from flat to fab! Oversized bags are often a secret ingredient to  jazz up a casual look.


2. Wear a Pair of Pumps.
By far the chicest way to turn up the volume on a casual look is to throw on a sexy pair of heels. If you're  new to the stiletto. start of with a 3" solid-colored pump. Black is always classic but if you want to make a statement with your shoe game; try other neutrals such as nude, burgundy or hunter green; it's a fun pop of color that can instantly elevate your look.

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3. Sunglasses are a Must!
Wearing a pair of Sunnies will have everyone checking you out. As soon as I step outside with my shades, I feel confident and in control. It's also great to wear when you forgot to put on concealer to cover the dark circles around your eyes :-p.  When rocking shades, try different silhouettes for different outfits; aviators are a great accessory for a casual, on-the go look; where as cat-eye will go well dressier outfits.

How do you elevate your style when you're in a hurry? Share your tips!

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