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December Fashion Horoscope: The Gift Guide

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Hello December! Tis' the season for family, friends and gift giving! However, if you're like me, then shopping in advance isn't your specialty. Don't fret my Zodiac Friends, this month I wanted to share my favorite gifts ideas that each sign will love or should love! I'm talking to you, Taurus! So, if you're shopping for someone special (or yourself) relax and let us guide you to the perfect holiday gift!

**Oh and if you don't know your zodiac sign, just follow the picture guide above. Match your birth date with the star sign beside it.  Example: If you're born on March 11th then you are a Pisces. Is your birth date August 21st? Then you're a Leo.   

Keep scrolling to find the best Gift for your Zodiac Sign.

Aries: Red Alert! Aries, spice up your life with a Bold. Red. Lip!

Taurus: Taurus, it's time to add a Printed Silk Scarf to your collection!

Gemini: Gemini, tap into the Universe with Celestial styled earrings!

Cancer: A Velvet Clutch, a velvet Handbag and basically all things Velvet is a Must!

Leo: Leo, this season is all about peace and Aroma Therapy! *Inhale & Exhale*

Virgo: Virgo, using your iPhone, to tell time is basic af! However, a designer watch--not so much!

Libra: Libra Ladies, Three Words: Diamond Studded Earrings! Thank me later!

Scorpio: Scorpio, Bring all the boys to the yard with a New Perfume Scent!

Sagittarius: Sags, you're always on the go, so a stylish Mini Backpack is a must!

Capricorn: Caps, stay extra cozy this winter with a Cashmere Sweater!

Aquarius: Aquarius, it's time to make a statement...with a Statement Necklace!

Pisces: Pisces, think Lace, Silk Robes and Kimonos! Yes!

What do you think of your Zodiac Gift Guide?!

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