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Style Diary: Meghan Markle

Lets meet America's newest....or shall I say, Royalty's Newest 'It Girl' Meghan Markle.

Now, I can give you the run down of her life story, like how's she's an actress from California, an activist and an overall good person, with the most squeakiest clean background ever! And aside from a divorce, her google history is....Good. Oh, did I mentioned she's a Prince. Which has every American girl practically rearranging their life goals! haha! Goals* such as: Travel the world; Wear designer clothes; and Marry a PRINCE! ha! It's possible! But who cares about her google facts, what we really want to know is, does she have style? and If so then, how can we copy her looks?

Check out Meghan Markle's sense of style and you be the judge!

Casual & Laidback Looks
Meghan Markle 2

Blogger's Note: I've always been a fan of Meghan fact I actually knew her as Rachel from the American (and awesome) TV show Suits...I remember when I first heard  news of an American dating a Prince (Prince Harry from England), and I said to myself 'Who is Meghan?!' It wasn't until I googled her named that I said: OMG, it's Rachel! lol! So I know her name, but she will always be Rachel to me! (as well as the other characters like Jessica, Harvey, Louis, Mike and Donna!)

Dressy & Business Looks
Meghan Markle 1

What do you think of Meghan Markle's style? 

*Disclaimer: Not all American Girls aspire to travel the world and wear fancy clothes! We also want to be entrepreneurs with perfect sun tans! *wink*

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