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The Ultimate Homebody Gift Guide

homebody guide. this friday.

Sometimes the best moments are spent at home. There's nothing like a binge watching your favorite T.V shows or catching up on some much needed sleep. It's the holiday season, so that means doing all the things you want to home! As for your friends, well, let's just say they asked you for a girls night out weeks ago. You, of course, refused, and told them you made plans with Netflix and cancelling at the last minute is something you can't do. Obviously!  So, to make your night--eventful; we selected gifts that will surely complete your homebody weekend.

We rounded up the best holiday gifts for the ultimate stay-at-home-friend.

1. Let's start your stay at home weekend with an Ice cream Maker! Make it. Freeze it and Eat it later!
2. Channel your inner wanderlust with the Chic Stays Travel book guide.
3. Oh, yes, we are all about books. So, why not add an Inspirational words and coloring book!
4. What's a Fashion Website who doesn't mention fashion books to read! Check out The Fashion Book for inspo!
5. Make time to bake some Holiday Cookies with one of our favorite Cooking books.
6. Movies and a Popcorn Maker go together like [insert two things that go together]
7. Give you stay-at-home-friend a journal with their Zodiac Sign on it!
8. Aroma Therapeutic candles are a must!
9. Give your self a Facial over the weekend.
10. Stay cozy and well rested with a sleeping mask and slippers.
11. Finally, make time to pamper your cuticles with a DIY manicure.

Which Homebody Gift is your favorite?!

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