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2018 Biggest Jewelry Trend Predictions

Jewelry Trends of 2018

Most looks aren't complete without a piece of jewelry. Most looks-- not all! :-) I know for me, I can't leave my house unless I have on pair of earrings, even if it's only a pair of studs. On those forgetful days, I usually feel "naked" and fashionably annoyed. ha! For others who feel as I do, it's a bracelet, rings or a necklace. So, this post is for all fashion girls who love to complete their looks with a little bling!

Some of the biggest Jewelry trends we saw in 2017 will continue into 2018 like chokers and hoop earrings but what about the new accessories. What will be the new 'break out'  jewelry trends in 2018?  

Let's check out 2018's Jewelry Trends.

Artsy Earrings

This Year's Biggest Jewelry Trends

Ring Stacks. Crystal-Styled Rings

This Year's Biggest Jewelry Trends

Dramatic af Statement Necklaces

This Year's Biggest Jewelry Trends

Anklet Bracelets, Geometric shapes and Star Jewelry 

This Year's Biggest Jewelry Trends

Which Jewelry Trends do like? ...or dislike?!

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