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3 Accessories Worth Buying This Season

When it comes to 'it-girl' accessories to invest in, I always look for pieces I can wear more than once. Each noteworthy accessory must be able to transition from season to season--or else! If there's one thing we fashion girls hate to do, is buy a one-time-only accessory for an event. We usually spot said accessory online or at a trendy store, next we contemplate on spending an over-priced amount, only to have it hanging in our closets (with the price tag still on!) for years to come. It's insane! But we do it all the time. *screams* Luckily, we have ways to resell those items for a percentage. *whew*

My favorite types of accessories to buy are bags, shoes and hats. I typically stick to neutral tones or black/dark colors. That way if I purchase a neutral or black item in January and forget about it, I can then come back to it in September and rock it. Win-Win!

So, when I search for new trends worthy of repeating on a regular basis I found these three accessories:

Accessories Worth Buying this Season

1. Sock/ Shoe Trend
If there's one trend to get into this season (this year!) it's the sock/shoe trend. Invest in stylish designer socks and cute sandals/pumps. This look is certainly steal the spotlight this Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall!

Style rethink

2. Fur Bags
These fuzzy handbags are the much needed playful look to add to your wardrobe. It's soft and fury texture will have everyone wishing they had one too. It's super cute and fun for all ages!

Gucci Wide Leather Belt With Double G

3. Logo Belts.
Designer Logos are for Label junkies only. *laughs* However, if you are into labels or thinking about sportin' one then make sure you love the brand. Invest in the classics like Chanel, Gucci or Louis Vuitton. It's the safest choice for beginners.

Do you typically avoid trends? If not, which trend do you like this season?

*Image 1: Fendi S/S 2018 collection.
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