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Art Of The Day: New Age Soldier

I’m A Soldier

First Impression: Visually Stunning! I love the futuristic vibe to this piece. I love the white background next to a metallic outfit on the woman....or is it a robotic woman? ha! Who knows, for sure! The head piece or helmet is something I can see nn future runways shows in Milan.

About the Artist: Artwork was created by Polyvore's digital artist Samantha/ s246 (username). The Entertainment Editor artist has over +100k set views and over +1k followers on

Interpretation: Just as the title says, it's a  'New Age Soldier.' Bold prediction but I wouldn't be surprise if women become the new face of what it means to be a soldier! Real women wearing metallic protective gear in the future. I feel a since of detachment, a coldness. A dystopic future, I fear. Is this the future we are aspiring towards? The question is: Do you want to see a future when women or robotic-like women wear outfits like this? Would you wear this?

I'm interested in your thoughts? So, tell me what do you think?

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