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A Fashionistas Guide to Choosing The Best Clutch

Clutches: 2018 Biggest Bag Trend

Clutches are this seasons new "it" trend. During Fall's 2017-2018 Fashion Week we saw designers revolutionizing the concept of a traditional clutch. A typical traditional clutch would be considered a handheld bag--without a strap or handle (as seen above). However, today we're ignoring tradition and focusing on a new era. Clutches with a strap! But, wait a minute, before drool over the latest clutches, let's find out why you should invest in one.

Clutches: 2018 Biggest Bag Trend

1. Choose a clutch you can incorporate into your daily life. Meaning, focus on the design, the color, the style and the feel of it, so that you can wear it everywhere you go. I like to go for a neutral tone color clutch, it goes with most outfits. 

2. If your going to spend a lot of money on a clutch then make sure you have a emotional connection to it. Make sure you LOVE IT! Designers clutches are nice but what's the point of investing in a label brand if its going to sit in your closet? So we you see a designer clutch you absolutely must have, think, reflect and plan all your looks in advance before you make a big purchase.

3. Eliminate the idea of an 'Event Only' clutch. Sometimes we get caught up in the idea of rocking certain pieces during certain times. We say things like: We can only wear a clutch if its to a girls night out/date night or to a wedding and that's completely limiting. Why deny ourselves the freedom just to fit in with what's normal...or traditional.

It's not easy finding the right clutch, especially an everyday wearable clutch, but they are out there. I love the concept of adding a strap to a clutch. It's durable and I feel safe knowing I have a grip on my bag.

Which Clutch do you like (above)? Do you own an Investment Clutch?


How To Invest In A Wearable Clutch

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