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Morning Coffee Quotes & Notes #12

Coffee & Notes 12

It's been a while since I've posted a Morning Coffee Quote & Note....and as you can see, I purposely forgot the quote. lol. Happy New Year! It's 2018 That's what the balloons are for...a celebration into the new year. Which doesn't make sense with the title but by the end of this post everything will make sense. I think. *laughs*


Blogging is a full time job. What an over-rated statement!  Especially, if you're the creator, editor-in-chief, the manager, the assistant, the employee of the month and that lazy co-worker who waits until the last minute to get things done. I am ALL of these things! ha! I've been blogging for 6 months now (well, seven if you count this month) and I am amazed at anyone whose blogged for longer than year. It's so much more to blogging than just writing content. It's levels to this ish! lol. One successful blogger said, she has a planner and a team.  uhhh, yea! You need a team. I mean, if you're super organize with endless amounts of creative ideas then maybe you don't need a team. BUT for the rest of us lazy co-workers we need support. Which ironically, brings me to today's quote....

Quote: The Key to Life is Balance. 

I'm not sure who said this but something tells me it was a monk who lives in serene place with mountains. Meditating, of course! ....We should all be Feminist Monks!

Social Media

What can I say, Instagram drives me insane....BUT I found my posting 'rhythm' (if that's a thang) and now I post what I like to see verses what people would like to see. I've gained 10 followers using this method! hahaha! Hashtag Jokes on me! I now post Insta-stories. I'm on a posting a schedule and I 'heart' all of my blogger friends post too. I've turned IG into a game that I have to win. Sad, really. Yet, it's sorta the point if you're a blogger, artist, author, musician, etc. We need social media to get our content out there. So, IG doesn't stress me out but if I tell myself these things then it's easier for me to look at the bigger picture. I know, I know, All things come in due time....but d*nm! It's harder than it looks. Question: Is social media more important than blogging? Maybe, I'll talk about that soon.

Love & Life

On a lighter note, spending time with family and friends, over the holidays, turned out to be what I needed to feel like me again. Admittedly, I slummed it all through December just so I can have me time. I ignored a lot of responsibilities but one thing I made time for was the grocery store. LOL. Yes, Dairy Section Bae. *laughs* I gave him a label....kinda like Mr. Big on Sex in the City. ha! If you haven't read my other Coffee Quotes & Notes, I'll leave a link at the bottom, so you can play catch up! Guess what?! I saw him at the grocery store, near the freakin' dairy section (again!) and we made eye contact! [Side Note: This crush has literally turned me into a high school student! You've been warned!] Anyway, I decided it was time for me to put my big girl granny panties on (lol) and seize the day! So I smiled and said, "Hiiuuuuuhhhh" Which really means: Hi and Huh ! Which really sounds like whales talking to each other. You see, while I was smiling my goofy looking smile, he was saying something but my inner High School student ears barely made out what he said b/c I was so focused on his looks. *sigh* Turns out, he was speaking to one of the grocery store employees, behind me! UGHHHH! I just kept walking. Oh, and I forgot my Milk, btw! So yea, mission failed. But I digress.

Anyway, Happy New Year and Hiiuuuuuuhhhh to you and yours!

PS: At this point, editing a post is a luxury. lol.

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