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Morning Coffee Quotes & Notes #13

Quote Of The Day

So much can happen in a week! It's not a new concept or revelation...but sometimes I'm just amazed. Have you ever stop and said, "D*mn, I did a lot this week!" My week consisted of social media fails to 'Bomb Cyclones.' whattttt? lol. Or should I say a fake Bomb Cyclone...Washington, DC only received an inch of snow. Yay us! It totally missed us, though. And who decided to name a snow current a Bomb Cyclone? ...seriously... I wasn't sure if I needed a shovel or a place to hide?!...or both! It was all confusing....


Speaking of confusing! Did you noticed the red Pinterest share button on my homepage? Yes! It's hideous! I hate it. I added the pin it button on all my images and the code change my Pinterest share button. Now, I'm looking for a way to hide ALL my share buttons on the homepage only. UGH. lol. A few months ago, I hid my comments due to Disqus failing to generate my comment count. Which turned into me focusing on social media and building a following there. So Follow me there @revealedbylena <---shameless plug!

Social Media.

Speaking of Plugs. I'm branching out to twitter...but is twitter dead? Do people still tweet? I mean, well, besides He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. ha! I have to say that " " because Blogger doesn't allow me to type and then Publish his name on my blog. Crazy, right? and I'm from America, so idk. Nor can I type the name of the Asian Leader from the North. lol!  OMG. I've lost track of my point. TWITTER--I'm on it, now...but not as present as I am on Instagram. whew! I like retweeting on twitter so if you like to see what I like to read then follow me there  @lenarevealed  

Quote: What Is Done In Love Is Done Well


Not to sound vague but: Have you ever wanted something so bad but when the opportunity presented itself, you suddenly realize it's not what you need right now? Well, I had that moment, recently. And now my whole perspective has changed. In a good way. I'm no longer hoping and wishing. I'm going with the flow and redirecting my energy towards things that matter. I'm not the go with the flow type, either! I find safety in knowing what will happen next. However, when the Universe gives you a much needed sign.....Hunni! Pay attention! :)

Have a Good Week and See you on the 'gram! *nudge, nudge--wink, wink* Lol.

PS: This post is unscripted and unedited. aka. It's real af !

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