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Morning Coffee Quotes & Notes #14

Quote Of The Day

I love illustrations! So, when I found Illustrator Maja Tomljanovic on Instagram, I immediately followed her. This illustration is me! lol. Coffee. Donuts. Books. Hair in bun. While in bed! Perfect! Oh, I added the quote, "It's okay to be impatient." Let me say it again, " IT'S OKAY TO BE IMPATIENT!" I am sooooo guilty of watching what others are doing, that I forget to watch my own lane. Grrr! I want things now or as soon as possible. I hate waiting and I have no patience. lol.
I'm a work in progress...*drops mic*


Heyyy, I'm in a groove, right now! I'm coming up with ideas. I'm more creative. I'm using my imagination. I'm more productive. Basically, I'm getting sh*t done! *laughs* And it feels good. I'm not sure what happen this month, but I feel like I'm owning this blogging ish!  Although, this is where the 'Impatient moment' sets in. I know everything happens in due time, but when I'm Leveling up, I want everyone to see I'm leveling up. I want my views to reflect it. I think that's every new bloggers goal. Which is to have a million views (a day!) and a million followers (on all social media platforms!). The life! ....and speaking of social media.....

Social Media.

On Saturday I decided to Vlog (video log) in my Insta-stories on Instagram. I love it! At first, I thought about joining Snapchat or YouTube but voted against it. Too soon! And Listening to myself talk was.....ummm, interesting. I had a moment of anxiety, for Fear Of Being Insta-Boring. lol. But it was received well. I think.... So, I will Vlog.... or Insta-Vlog? On some weekends.

Oh! Okay, lately I've been posting at night on Instagram! Standard Eastern time at 11pm. I received more likes and an increase in followers! haha! What has my life come down too....*sigh* Anyway, I recommend you try it and see what happens. If your impatient with IG like me!

Life & Love

On my Insta-Stories, I vlogged about going to the grocery store in hopes to run into Dairy Section Bae. Well....I did! I recorded it but my filming skills --sucked. But I did see him, and surprise, surprise, he was near the ice-cream section! hahaha! Okay, so, I was holding my iPhone (recording) and the moment I saw him, I dropped my phone. ughhh! lol. I made a quick U-turn in the opposite direction of where he was and just...yea... *le sigh*  I'm old school. I prefer to be courted. I may be a millennial and Women are Marching but I'm still a Disney Princess at heart! Okay! So, I don't think I need to chase a guy? right?! *rolls eyes* I hate being the aggressor. ugh...Anyway....

Do you approach men you like?

PS: This post is unscripted and unedited. aka. It's real af !

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