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Morning Coffee Quotes & Notes #15

Coffee Quotes & Notes

On Sunday, I woke up in a state of bliss. It's the moment after you first wake up and just before all thoughts start rushing in. Do you know that feeling? Well, on this particular day, I waited for said thoughts to arrive--and nothing happen. No worries, no deadlines, no anxiety--just me, living in the present moment. I loved it. Of course, All things must come to an end and my favorite; annoying bird; chirped away, as a reminder. *sigh* But within those 10 minutes of internal bliss, I thought of a quote worth sharing with you today.

About The Quote.

You're always one decision away from a totally different life. Or one thought, one feeling, one emotion away from a different life. It's not a cliché quote. It's real. What you think--you become. How you feel on the inside will show on the outside. And I choose Love. Support. Bliss.

I had a bad habit of letting my thoughts run wild. I've debated with 'Zen-Life experts,' about selecting your own thoughts. I would say: How do you select your own thoughts? No one, can select their own thoughts! You can control it, but no one knows, how to select their own thoughts. They would refute me, of course. Then I'd say: Well, tell me what you're going to think in the next 30 minutes? *crickets* lol. I was that girl. Always challenging the status quo because I didn't understand. I didn't understand how my thoughts created my reality. And when I 'tried to understand,' I would only think about what I wanted to gain. So, I bought a lottery ticket and 'thought' about winning. lol. (I didn't win, by the way)

As of now, I like to direct my thoughts on positive things only. If I feel like I'm dwelling on negative thoughts, then I'll vent about it on my other blog. lol. I'm a work in progress! Aren't we all though! I guess, that's part of life---to work on ourselves to be a better version of us. Or at least, that's what I THINK! ha!

Have a Good Week!

PS: This post is unscripted and unedited. aka. It's real!

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