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Winter Chic: 3 Back To Work Outfits

winter chic

It's always hard for me to enjoy the last few days of the holiday due to the impending deadline aka work. J-O-B. For some of you it's college and midterms. For Bloggers it's creating content and marketing your brand. And although most of us would prefer to be travelling, eating at the coolest resturants and/or lounging in bed we all have work to do. I like to call it the back to work blues. ha! Yet, supporting ourselves doesn't have to be dreadful. We can be fancy if we want too. Stylish and Chic. And ready to take on the world with our looks!

Here are my favorite winter-y back to work outfits you will love. Maybe. lol

1. Work it Diva Look
Work Hard, Play Hard: Finals Season

I love this look. It instantly reminds me of a New year and a Fresh start. You're walking into the office with your head held high. You're exuding Boss-Like vibes! And everyone step aside b/c you are on a Mission!

2. College Life
Work Hard, Play Hard: Finals Season

This is the perfect college look. It's stylish yet not too trendy or over-the-top. You can look good while at the library without being a distraction to yourself or others. ha!

3. The Work/College Crossover look.
Work Hard, Play Hard: Finals Season

This Outfit represents you're first real job look right after college look. It's young yet professional. It's you tapping into your millennial side while remaining business-like. You can always change the button-down to a plain white blouse to 'fit-in' with your co-workers.

What do you like to wear to work after the holidays?

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