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A Valentines Day Guide For Single Ladies

A Valentines Day Guide for Single Ladies

Ah, Yes, a yearly reminder of Love. Along with long stemmed roses, sparkly jewelry and expensive dinners. This year, however, you're spending it with someone who matters the most--Yourself!

Or Better yet, with your bestfriends! Single ladies, this is for you. Fill your night with bubbly, music and fun. First, put on your favorite outfit, apply some make-up and take your girls out to dinner (at your fav restaurant, of course!). Exes are not on the menu! But Wine is. Talk about what inspires you (or who!), your aspirations and goals. This is a time to connect with your friends on a deeper level. However, leave the emotional tidbits for another day. No tears! Tonight's about celebrating love, with a little dessert! Chocolate? A must! Laughter? For sure! Next up, Paint the town red! Turn up at a swanky night club/lounge. Wanna see a movie? Fifty Shades, anyone? Whoaaa, slow down! lol. This is about friends! No boys allowed! Well, maybe.....

Are you staying in?!

Good! Sometimes you just want to snuggle up on a couch (or bed), watch romantic comedy and daydream. Ice-cream anyone? I'll take Ben & Jerry's please! But before you enviably succumb to said outcome, let's take a moment to appreciate you. Light a few candles, run a steamy hot bath and turn on soothing music. Tonight is all about you. Instead of thinking about a shady past or a dystopic future (ha), take a moment to live in the present. Focus on the rhythm of your music, the warmth of your bath water and the scent of your candles. It's literally all about you! So make it about you and no one else..... and then watch your favorite movie with ice-cream!

Happy Valentine's Day, Ladies!

We should all treat ourselves everyday but How will you pamper yourself on Valentine's Day?!

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