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Fashion Horoscope Style Guide, February '18

February Fashion Scopes

Hello February! Okay, If you're like me, then you love to check your horoscope for the latest future update. It's fun to read, interesting and the perfect time killah. Where else would you find information about which coffee shop to go, to meet your future Valentines' Bae? uhhh Horoscopes! lol. So let's go down this rabbit hole and check out the which winter essential each Zodiac sign should wear. Will Mysterious Pisces love the puffer coat look? Or will Bold Aries find our Puffer Coat picks completely off-trend? *smile*

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**Oh and if you don't know your zodiac sign, just follow the picture guide above. Match your birthdate with the star sign beside it. Example: If you're born on March 11th then you are a Pisces. June 15th? Then you're a Gemini.

Keep Scrolling to find your perfect Zodiac Winter Must-Have Essentials.

Aries: Aries, girl, it's cold outside! So, opt for a Puffer Coat to keep you nice & warm!

Taurus: Taurus, a luxurious Cashmere Sweater is all you need in your life!

Gemini: Gemini, ALL the socialites are wearing Parka Coats. So, where's yours?!

Cancer: Ladies, a stylish Floppy Hat is a winter must-have!

Leo: Leo, weekends at home are made for Netflix and comfy Wool Sweaters!

Virgo: Virgo, did you hear that?! It's the sound of your friends swooning over your new Turtleneck Dress! yesss!

Libra: Libra, you live for luxury. So, a chic Velvet Sweater is a must!

Scorpio: Scorpio, unleash your inner kitty and strut in a Leopard Coat! Now, Purrr!

Sagittarus: Sags, I just saw Gigi Hadid in a Shearling-lined Jacket! Enough said!

Capricorn: Cap ladies, I know you have weakness for shoes. So, add Shearling boots to your collection! Win-Win!

Aquarius: Faux- Fur Coats are a must for all your late night partying adventures. Thank me later!

Pisces: Pisces, you love off-beat outerwear. So, opt for unique gloves with a twist!

I see fabulous fashion in your future! Love your horoscope look? Let me know below!

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