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Morning Coffee Quotes & Notes #16


Wow! What a difference two weeks can make. One week I can be 'in the zone' with work and then the next week, I'm completely 'check out' mentally. This is my story....

Blog Updates.

Last week was my power week. As I said before, I was in the zone. I was on a work ethic high. I was getting sh*t done. As you can see, I created a billboard (on the homepage) with a link to send you directly to Outfit Ideas. I created a fashion slider (with shopstyle) to reflect the current state of the fashion industry--Fashion Week. I did my monthly fashion horoscopes (it's a big hit on the blog), Valentines day looks and much more. I had social media on lock, too. I was 'pumping out' so much creative material, that I lost track of time...and myself. So, this past Saturday, I mentally crashed. lol. My Birthday week, also, played a big part in my lack of posting. During my mental break, I had time to reflect on the type of pace I need to go in. I have to slow down and find a pace that works for me. I thought I could keep up with the Kardashians the major Influencers but it's not my time, yet. I think there's a time and place (and a team) for me in the future where I can post daily on the blog, post twice (or three times) a day on all social media platforms, visit bloggers comment section, film Insta-stories on the hour and have a life. The most important thing to me is my life (hello!). As well as, who I want to be in this world. Who I need to be. And What will make me a better person to myself and everyone around me. If I'm not at my best, then you won't see the best of me. ....soooo, that's all I'll say about that.      

About the Quote.

When I found this quote is was two weeks ago (surprise, surprise) and in that moment, it's what I felt. There are forces (people) praying for your downfall. There are people who may critique your life, your style, your blog (lol) and just everything that you do in general. Some people need to find a flaw. That's just life. The trick is to avoid those people to never let it affect your worth. If you feel like what you are doing is resonating with you, then stick with it. And the people who are meant to follow you or love you will do so. Those haters are meant to be there to test your greatness. That's it. Will you rise? Will you ignore the self doubt and doubters?  This week I may have slipped but I didn't fall!  <--- that's a quote, too!

Social Media.

As I've said...I mentally crashed lol. And my break turned into a weekend break! I haven't posted on any of my social media platforms--especially Instagram. I went through my stages of grief. LOL. I felt guilty for not posting. And that's C-R-A-Z-Y! Instagram has taken over my life and I need to step back. So, I am 'falling back' on posting to IG because curating a feed is time consuming. I don't have to continuously put out looks to compete with other Instagram-ers. I realized that you don't have to put out a lot of material to gain followers. Just put out quality content and the followers will come! And that's what I'm going to do! I'm Reclaiming My Time! ha! I will not make blogging or social media a chore. I want it to be something I love to do--not something I have to do. ....and on that note..

Have a 'Me Time' Week!

This post is unscripted and unedited. Sorry Not Sorry.

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