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Morning Coffee Quotes & Notes #17

Quote Of The Day

You don't, friends! ...And my cupcakes in the background were an added bonus! We should all have cupcakes!

Social Media

A few weeks ago, I was told to 'just chill out' about social media. And I am lucky to report that I am. lol. It's so easy to get caught up in the likes and admittedly, the red & white Follow icon on Instagram. Damn you, follow icon! It's something deeply concerning, addictive and yet, Satisfying about it. lol. I sometimes log onto IG just to see if I received a follow icon...*laughing* And if it's a number by it....OMG! lol. Look, I'm not perfect. But it's addictive...there are times when I secretly prefer Follow Icons over likes. *yikes* Please, tell me I'm not alone?! LOL. *sigh*    

About the Quote

Last week, I had a conversation with one of my Aunts. We talked about how there's so much pressure to become a millionaire. Okay, well, not a millionaire but at least someone successful. And that you have a limited amount of time or else....'The clock is ticking," she said. I said, 'Yea, well, ALL my clocks are F&%! -ing  ticking. Let me do me!' In MY Mind, I said that (lol)...but what I did say was; everything happens in due time. What's meant to be, will be for me. I'm going to be okay! You're going to be okay. We should all be cupcakes all be okay! And if not, then at least we tried. And I'll keep trying until I reach my goals---on my OWN Time!


Well, it's official. Morning Coffee Quotes & Notes (and Fashion Horoscopes!) are my favorite posts to write! I don't promote Quotes & Notes, either...It's really a vent session for me and whatever quote that reflects my week. Go figure! So, Thank YOU for reading! Speaking of reading...last week, I skipped my weekly Quote & Notes Update (smh). I'm not sure if I should make it a weekly or bi-weekly thing? On Tuesdays, of course. I'm still debating. I'll definitely keep you posted, though....either next week or that following week. *lol*

Have a Good Week!

I did not edit this post. My bad

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