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NYFW F/W 2018 Recap: 80s/90s Nostalgia

NYFW: Fall/Winter 2018

Without Further ado, let's get right into this! New York Fashion Week gave us bold prints, bright colors and florals for fall/winter 2018. It's as if, it was an continuation of 2017 but with a wintery flare. Designers' choice? Maybe. Yet, what seemed to be a reoccurring theme, throughout most NYFW runway shows, was the return of 80's and 90's fashion. Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang, especially, took us down memory lane. Tom Ford gave us a modern day version of 80's glam-night-life. Marc Jacobs gave us 90's Worker-Mom-Fashion on steroids. Jeremy Scott gave us The Fifth Element: The remake. And Alexander Wang gave us The Matrix: Reloaded- What if Neo took the blue pill, instead?

Which begs the question: Do we want 80's and 90's fashion to return? Why are we interested in nostalgic fashion? Is our current reality too unbearable for us to deal with, so we must return to said past and reimagine it? Why? Just, Why?!!!?!!? The plot twist is: it's not just fashion--it's music, it's movies, it's TV shows (They're bringing back Rosanne and The Heathers, for-goodness-sake!). Are we in a time warp?! WTF?! lol!

Not all was lost, though, I loved the Zimmerman Collection. It's feminine, chic and pretty. So, it's a winner in my book. I also posted said collection on my Instagram feed. Which people loved (or heart). They also liked the Jeremy Scott post, as well. Although, The Fifth Element was a great 90's movie, so I see why! Oh, and Supermodel (Maria Borges) "liked" it too! However, I did tagged her (and the photographer) in the picture. I'm just surprised, she took time out of her busy schedule to like a photo....of her, of course. But still, major moves, people!

Anyway, I was left wanting more from NYFW Fall/Winter 2018...or just something different. Or MAYBE, this is all by design. As my grandmother used to say, The Quiet before the Storm hits.
Is the fashion industry, purposely lowering our standards, in preparation for Spring 2019? ...The plot thickens!

Keep scrolling to see my Favorites and Nostalgic renditions of 80's and 90's fashion...

Ulla Johnson FW18

Tom Ford fw18

Marissa Webb FW18

Zimmermann FW18

Marc Jacobs FW18

Monse FW18

Christian Cowan FW18

Snow Xue Gao FW18

Marissa Webb FW18

Oscar De La Renta FW18

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