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12 Ways to Slay your Work Wear

Business Casual Looks

You just landed your new job! Congrats! Now, it's time to look the part. As they say 'dress for success and slay everyday.' Well, no one really says that, but it is important to look professional on a daily basis.
Dressing professionally doesn't mean losing your sense of style! You want your outfit to be an extension of who you are, as well as a representation of your  company .With business casual looks, it's all about looking comfortable yet maintaining a professional style. So put away those heels and bring out the loafers!

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As they say, 'with the right attitude and outfit, you will get a promotion!' ---they don't say that either! (lol) Let's check out my favorite business casual looks to wear for every job type!

Work Hard, Play Hard: Finals Season

Check it: Plaid

Smell the Roses: Vintage Florals

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Untitled #266

Untitled #259

Untitled #246

Untitled #245

Untitled #196


Very parisian.

Wear it like you mean it.

What do you prefer to wear to work? Pumps and skirt? Slacks and blouse? or Pajamas?!

*Credit/Stylist: 1-9 Soledestate | 10-12 Sa3ina 
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