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March Fashion Horoscope Guide 2018: Spring Dress Edit

March Fashion Horoscopes '18

It's Pisces Season! Welcome to another monthly edition of Fashion Horoscopes. Do you love checking your horoscopes? Me too! However, if you're a fashion-gal, like me, then you'll love reading which outfit will match your zodiac style. Look no further! We have every new trend for each sign every month. This month is all about spring dresses. So, let's check out which stylish dress each Zodiac sign should wear. Will lady Leo love our halter neck dresses? Or will Aries side-eye our selection of red dresses?

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**Oh and if you don't know your zodiac sign, just follow the picture guide above. Match your birthdate with the star sign beside it. Example: If you're born on February 11th then you are an Aquarius. Is your birthdate September 22th? Then you're a Virgo.

Keep scrolling to find your perfect spring dress!

Aries- Aries, Do you hate being associated with the color red?! Well, stop wearing it! But next month, though, not this month! ha! Red is your color, boo!

Taurus- Taurus, you would look soooo "innocent" in a Pink Dress! *wink*

Gemini-  Gemini, Brighten up your wardrobe with a cute yellow dress! And don't knock it, until you tried it! *roll eyes*

Cancer- Make a lasting impression on your crush with a floral dress! He will definitely notice you!

Leo- Leo's, show some skin this season with a fun & and flirty Halter Neck Dress!

Virgo- Denim; On Denim; On Denim! Enough said! *drops mic*

Libra- Libra, elevate your fashion game in a grown-n-sexy Midi Dress!

Scorpio- Scorpio show off your legs in a Mini Dress! ....Just your legs, though! okay!

Sagittarus- Sags, It's definitely Boho chic vibes for you! Coachella, anyone?!

Capricorn- Caps, keep it classy with a knitted Midi Dress!

Aquarius- Aqua Ladies, an Asymmetrical; One-Shoulder Dress is the perfect offbeat look for you!

Pisces- Pisces, It's time to step out of your comfort zone with an Off-The-Shoulder Dress! Just kidding! We all know you're not shy! *wink*

*Additional note: The Monthly Fashion Horoscopes are created, written, and hand-selected by Lena Revealed.

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