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Morning Coffee Quotes & Notes #18


...Said the billionaire. haha! (just kidding) I love Lady O. I just find it ironic when billionaires give advice like this. You know? Give me your billions and I'll be the judge!

What I Read.

Recently, I read an article about the power of fashion influencers/bloggers and the dangerous path they're going down. Automatically, I took offense. lol Well, the author didn't say 'dangerous' but she talked about the over excess of materialism. The Need for materialistic things. Consumerism. Spend yo' money on this! Buy this! Buy that! ...Are fashion bloggers using their blogs as a materialistic platform? Are we only as valuable as our weekly/daily shopping edits? Our wish Lists? Or lust Lists? When I started my fashion blog, I'm not sure if I created it, to one day have over 10k followers who would, eventually, have access to "swipe up" on Instagram. To shop and buy things, of course. But the idea did cross my mind. Along with working with brands, to eventually creating my own clutch line. Omg! Am I a material girl, living in a material world?! I'm definitely, having a Madonna moment. Is it shallow to convince people to purchase products that will be out of season by next year? or next month? As I continue reading said article, I thought, well this is how bloggers make there money! ....I don't know....I've said enough, but I'll speak on this topic, further, on my other blog. But I am open to criticism. And I don't want my blog to be 'that blog' who only talks about what you need to buy next. What do you think?

Social Media & Blogging.

And speaking of NEXT! As you know, my 'love' for social media is [insert sarcastic adjective here]. Last week, I tried to keep up with the Kardashians Joneses of the fashion blogging/influencer world. I assumed, if I posted 2 to 3 times a day then I would gain more followers. Boy, was I wrong! I thought if I posted once a day, then I would gain loyal followers. Boy, was I wrong. I assumed, if I didn't post for a few days then I wouldn't lose followers. Boy, was I wrong! So, I've been wrong about everything thing related to Instagram. lol. And it's refreshing! Ladies and Gentlemen, I've reached the 4th stage of Instagram Grief : The Screw You, IG stage. And I love it! LOL. I just made that up, btw. I don't know how many stages it is...I just know, I'm on the forth stage. And right now, I'm annoyed but I don't care. The sorry, not sorry phase!

Life & Habits.

I went on a binge eating spree. I literally baked a cake and ate the whole thing. And it was great! The end. ha! Stress eating? I'm not sure. Will I do it next week? No, I know my limits. Will I think about doing it next week? uh, yes, but as long as I have a healthy dose of moderation (and a salad) then it's all good to splurge. ...If only cakes and pies were healthy snacks. sigh.... lol.

Have a Good week!

This post is unscripted and unedited. Your welcome! 

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