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OOTD: What To Wear On Your First Date

Picture this: You have a few days (or hours) to figure out what to wear on your first date! Time is ticking and you still haven't put a look together! Wtf are you suppose to wear?! Did I mention, future Bae forgot to tell you what type of date it is?! Is it a Coffee date? A Movie Date? A dinner date?! It's a surprise, they say! grrr! But it's romantic and exciting, so you don't mind--For now! ha! Next, you rummage through your closet, looking for pieces to put together. Will this top match my favorite pair of shoes?! Should I wear jeans?! Hair up or down?! *screams* The struggle is real! No worries, we picked super cute looks you can find in your closet.

Check out First Date Outfits below!

Classy 11-3-2018

Wrapper's Delight: Winter Scarf 8-2-2018

So Sweet: Pastel Sweaters 😍 20-2-2018

⭐ Star Outfits ⭐9-2-2018

Buzz-Worthy: Coffee Date☕ 31-1-2018

What do you like to wear on your first date? And what would you like to do on a first date?

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