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Paris Fashion Week Recap: F/W 2018

Welcome to Paris Fashion Week! Where we explore runway looks by Louis Vuitton, Balmain, Chanel and many more! This recap will cater to your inner Label W&%#* goddess within you! And just in case you forgot....My New York Fashion Week edit was all about what I liked to wear if I lived an extravagant lifestyle. My London Fashion Week edit was all about what I found bizarre and eccentric. My Milan Fashion Week edit focused on 'wearable- everyday' fashion for the average woman. Each recap, expressed my critiques, dislikes and favorites. However, PFW is all about new trends, what styles to mimic and overall inspiration for your closet.

*editors note: I don't want to stray from what my blog is about. Which is a blog that caters to showing women wearing 'wearable' runway fashion, along with fashion tips, trend alerts and outfit ideas, etc., etc. However, Paris Fashion Week has alot of looks I like. Hopefully, you will like it too.

With that being said let's recap Paris Fashion Week ....with a creative twist! Enjoy!

PFW AW 2018 Runway Trend Ripped Jeans Balmain

PFW AW 2018 Chanel Tweed Trend on Budget

PFW AW 2018 Runway Trend Pastel Update

PFW AW 2018 Dior

PFW AW 2018 Balmain Army

PFW AW 2018 Chanel

PFW AW 2018 Runway Trend LV Look on Budget

PFW AW 2018 Louis Vuitton

PFW AW 2018 Balenciaga

Well, this concludes Fashion Month! So, between NYC, London, Milan and Paris, which fashion week did you enjoy the most? which week was your least favorite?

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