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Lena Revealed is a online Blog-a-zine (Magazine & Blog) that features the latest fashion trends, Runways looks, Outfit tips, Celebrity styles, Digital Artists, Inspirational Quotes and so much more... 

E.ach day   
N.ever second-guessing  
A.nything you do!

Revealed  (rĭ-vēl′)

 a. to make (previously unknown or secret information) known to others. 
    Synonyms: Divulge, Disclosed, Tell, Let slip
    Antonyms: Hide, Conceal

*established: June. 2017

Can you keep a Secret? 

Hi, I'm Larissa --The Owner and Creator of LR. The LENA introduction explains it all. I want to reveal everything about the world I live in. I want to showcase Art, Culture, Poetry, Travel, Food, and Fashion. Also, I love taking pictures and writing fictive stories. I have an active imagination and an eye for beauty. 

Welcome to my World. Oh, and stay for a while....

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PS: All my (very few) pictures or Scripted drama series are under a strict copyrighted law.  However, if you love it then ask for permission, Pin It on Pinterest and/or give me credit where credit is due! Yes, and mention my website and link it too. Okay!